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Best Places to Fish Near Berea Kentucky

By Johnabrams82
There are several good places to fish near Berea KY.  No matter what type of fishing you like to do, there is someplace close to fish.  whether its bass, catfish, carp, bluegill, crappie, walleye, or muskie you can find some good fishing within a hour drive.  So here they are in no particular order.
Owsley Fork Reservoir: 
Owsley fork is a small lake that is best fished from a small boat or kayak.  The banks get very weedy in the summer making it much harder to fish from shore.  However there is plenty of bank fishing access.  When the water level is down in the summer you can almost walk the entire length of the lake fishing as you go.  For those of you looking to fish from shore I would recommend fishing near the boat ramp or near the dam.  Bluegill and crappie are abundant in the lake and this lake would make a great outing for young kids.   
     Despite the lake looking like it would be the perfect territory for some monster bass unfortunately keeper size bass a few and far between.  There are some good sized bass in the lake however you really need a boat to find them.  I would recommend a soft plastic worm rigged weedless cast into holes in the weedbeds or dragged over the tops of the weeds.  Most bass will be small however there are a lot of them.  If your looking for smallmouth  the only place I have caught them has been at the dam.   
For those of you looking for catfish Owsley Fork has some decent sized bullheads along with some decent channel cats.  I don't catfish much here but I have heard that the best place is near the dam.  There is a nice flat area that at least three people could fish from comfortably.  If you take the first pull off and walk down the trail it leads directly to this spot.  
If your looking for carp this lake has some giants.  Try fishing in the back coves and shallow regions with corn or dough balls.  if your feeling really adventurous try fly fishing for them.
Lake Reba: 
If your looking for a good place to bring the family fishing, then Lake Reba is it.  There is plenty of bank fishing access as well as a fishing pier that is fairly handicapped accessible.  The lake gets a lot of fishing pressure so it can be tough at times.  Much like Owsley Fork this lake is best fished from a small boat or kayak.   
If your looking for panfish then this is the lake for you.  Crappie, bluegill, and warmouth are very common in this lake.  Use live baits or small jigs and spinners for the best results.  Most of these fish are good eating size with a few trophies mixed in.  
Bass fishing in this lake is surprisingly good considering how much pressure it gets.  2 lb plus fish are fairly common with most of them being right at keeper size.  Jigs, rattletraps, soft plastics, and spinners seem to be the best lures for this lake.  The water tends to be very clear so natural colors and whites tend to work best. 
As far as catfish go I have never had much luck.  However night fishing at Lake Reba is great.  They have street lights that light up the area very well and you don't need a lantern.  There are a lot of bullhead in the lake, however there are flathead catfish in the lake as well.  I have never caught one myself but I have heard stories of flathead catfish over 15 lbs coming out of the lake.  
Silver Creek:
If your looking for a good stream for smallmouth  bass then look no further.    Most of this stream is on private land so you will either need permission or you will be restricted to the areas that are public.  One of the best areas is the bridge and waterfall area off Barnes Mill Rd.  Pull off on the road on the right just before the bridge.  
There are a few species of fish here but the main fish is smallmouth, occasionally you will catch a rock bass or a spotted bass. Spinner baits, tube jigs,  plastic worms, or really about anything will work here.  There have been a few good sized bass caught out of this stream.  I personally like fishing right at the falls or at the bridge.  I have heard there are some deeper holes a bit further downstream, however I haven't tried them out yet.  
Cedar Creek Lake: 
Cedar Creek is a relatively new lake however there are lots of trophy sized bass in the lake.  I don't have a lot of experience fishing this lake however they have a 20 inch  and 1 per day limit on bass.  I have caught several bass in the 2 to 3 lb range here and have seen pictures of fish over 10 lbs in this lake.  I can't confirm this however I have heard that KDFW after shocking the lake have turned up a few potential state records in this lake.  
I have heard that crappie and catfish are also quite large in this lake , but I really don't know myself.  I have only seen one catfish come out of the lake and that was a 10 lb channel.  
That is it for now.  I will try and update this as I fish these areas some more.  If you know of any places or have any tips for these please leave a comment below and let me know.  

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