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Best Pedo Jokes

Posted on the 12 January 2014 by Calvinthedog

A lot of people think these jokes are sick, but I like them.I have heard some of them that are just gross though, and I won’t repeat them here.

If you know any great pedo jokes, please let them loose in the comments.

1. A man and his girlfriend are breaking up. The man says, “Why are you leaving me? I love you!” Girlfriend says, “Because you’re a pedophile, that’s why!” The man says, “Pedophile! That’s an awfully big word for an 11 year old!”

2. What’s the best thing about sex with 35 yr old’s? They are 30 of them.

3. What did the pedophile say when he got out of prison? “I feel like a kid again!”

4. Two pedophiles are talking. One says, “Hey Chester, you got 2 fives for a ten?”

5. What’s better than sex with a 7 year old? Nothing!

6. What’s better than 18 year old? Two nine year olds.

7. What do Walmart and pedophiles have in common? Both have little boys pants half off.

8. You know pedophiles aren’t all bad, come on. At least they slow down in school zones.

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