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Best Makeup Primer for Oily Skin

By Thatagency

Anyone with oily and acne prone skin would be in search for ways of improving appearance and enhancing their looks. There are lots of makeup primer that were developed to achieve this, however, the best makeup primers are the ones that meet the following requirements:makeup primer for acne prone skin and oily skin
  • The ability to hold the foundation and makeup for an extended period of time.
  • They must not feel greasy
  • The best makeup primer would not cause the foundation to oxidize.
First, let us look at the best makeup primer for oily skin. This are products that have an established reputation of quality over time. First on our list is:
vSmashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer :Though a little pricey, Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer is top of the list primer for makeup artist. This product is known to perfectly cover up scares and large pores on the skin of the sufferer. It outstanding qualities makes up for its price tag.
vMonistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel :This foundation primer is as smooth as a gel. Upon contact with the skin, it has a fine powdery feel, gliding smoothly like silk. It feels easy to apply, colourless, odourless and comes at an affordable price of $32.
vMary Kay Foundation Primer :This product does a nice job as one of the best makeup primer for oily skin. Upon application, it dries up to a matte finish which allows the foundation to be applied much more easily. This non-greasy product is readily available in different online stores and local retailers.
Now, let us turn our attention to the best makeup primer for acne prone skin. Make the daily commitment of using this products as they help in creating a flawless face you desire. Here are top of the grade products that serves as the best makeup primer
vAnti-Acne Treatment And Matte Foundation Primer :This primer eliminates the shine and reduces the lines and pores while simultaneously combating the existing and future acne problems. It should be applied like most other primer before the foundation for a light blend that allows for the aeration of your skin, concealing all imperfections.
vColour Correcting Makeup Primer :This is one of the best makeup primer for acne prone skin. It takes care of botchy skin tones and redness, reducing the looks of uneven skin. Apply a light layer of this formula, blend in appropriately to avoid giving your skin a greenish cast. This allows your natural skin shine through.
vAcne Fighting Foundation Primer :This multifunctional primer is a must have in your fight against acne. While enhancing your looks, it prevents future breakouts of acne. It was developed as a foundation primer, improving the skin texture, minimising pores, redness and blemish.
vAcne Fighting Foundation Primer :This foundation primer would give your face a new life by re-texturizes your skin, giving it that perfect new finish. Made from natural plant extracts and powerful anti-oxidants, this product soothes your acne prone skin, helping it retain moisture and tenderness.
Take advantage of our compilation of the best makeup primer for your acne prone skin and restore your self-esteem by getting rid of those imperfections on your skin.(foundation for oily skin)

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