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Best Liquid Foundation for Oily Skin

By Thatagency
Best Liquid Foundation One would ask, which is the best liquid foundation? For most ladies, foundation is very important when it comes to makeup. It is necessary because it covers any form of discoloration and hidden spots in an instant. There are so many options available today which makes it difficult for the modern day woman to make a choice. If you have an oily skin, this poses another challenge because the oil produced by your skin can break down the foundation, making it look cakey and unsightly. T-Zones like your nose and chin would look shiny during the day. The solution to this challenge is choosing the best liquid foundation for your skin. After a bit of diligent research, we have compiled the best liquid foundation for oily skin.
vMac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation : If protecting your skin from the sun is a priority for you, this is a recommended product. With an SPF value of 15, this will shield your skin from dangerous ultra violet rays from the sun. This product made it to our list of best liquid foundation because of its ability to absorb and disperse oils. Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation is available for just $28.
Best Liquid Foundation for oily skin
vNars Sheer Matte Foundation : Available at $55, this product was developed with a formula to improve the radiance, complexion and texture of your skin. Upon application, it feels light, absorbing the oil, keeping your skin shine free.
Best Liquid Foundation for oily skin
vDior Skin Nude Foundation : Although it’s a little pricey at $31, this revolutionary product is simply amazing giving your skin a flawless look. With this, your looks is enhanced, making it hard to observe that you have makeup on. With an SPF value of 10, it sets a standard for other product developers.
Best Liquid Foundation for oily skin
vEstee Lauder Double Matte : This is the last on our list of best liquid foundation. Double Matte has SPF value of 15 is one of the best foundation for oily skin and has the ability to control the oiliness on your skin. With its soft feel, it gives your skin a flawless look. Estee Lauder Double Matte is priced at $60.
Best Liquid Foundation for oily skin
For those who desires going beyond our selection of best liquid foundation for oily skin and would love to go get theirs, here is a guide on how you can go about that.
How to Pick the Right Liquid Foundation ?
Before purchasing any foundation, you must give due considerations to the type of skin you have. For those with dry skin, you will need a creamy foundation and additional moisturizers and for those with oily skin, you will need one that will minimize the shine on your skin. The reason most women would go for a liquid foundation is because of its durability and versatility across different skin types.
  • When buying a liquid foundation, test the colour, do not be fooled by the looks as most times as they look darker in the bottle. Test it against the base of your jaw as this gives you the most accurate color.
  • Pat the foundation gently, blending it outward with a sponge or your finger, if it is right, it will blend into your skin, not standing out noticeably.
  • In some cases, it might be difficult finding out the perfect shade, you can experiment or seek guidance on blending different shades. 
  • Do not buy a bottle because it just appeals to you, move around, have a feel of different products and do some comparison, you’ll get the best liquid foundation for your skin.
When seeking to get the best liquid foundation for oily skin, always be open to many options, narrowing it down as you identify the ones that are the closest match. Before long, you will identify the best liquid foundation perfectly suited for you.

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