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Best Friends Worst Enemies-next Chap

By Sahi

Sam woke up to the bright sunny day with a slight breeze mildly swinging her bedroom window. Adjoining rooms were already abuzz. It was the first day of college - no more uniforms, no fancy ribbons, no black shoes and no rucksack to carry! Despite these Sam felt a bit uneasy. She was anxious of the road ahead of her. The beginning of a chapter in life is always a mix of happiness and anxiety.
The mess hall was overflowing with people similar to what you would find on a movie premier night of a famous actor. Sam had to stand on her toes to scan the crowd for any known face she could share a seat with. Her eyes fell on the R3 group sitting near a corner already relishing their serve of hot Pongal. Relieved, Sam collected her serve of breakfast and joined the R1 gang with a giggle.
Out of nowhere a loud speaker suddenly switched on making irritating noises. The security guard made an announcement with his broken english. It took a while for Sam to understand that the shuttle bus to college had arrived.
"What? Already? I hardly lifted my spoon!" Sam irritated by the announcement. "Yea! This only means one thing- RUSH to grab a seat!", replied Nammu.
Sam quickly turned her head towards Nammu who was scraping the last grain of Upma.
"Hey can u please hold a place for me in the bus?"
"Sure. But only if you hurry up! We are already late and you barely begun your serve."
"Okay! I'll be soon. Tha-", Nammu left for washing her plate with the rest of the R1 gang.
     Sam had to sprint till the bus standing outside the hostel gate only to find it totally full. Nammu was sitting by the window chatting with a girl next to her. The bus was filled with excitement. Few girls where showing off their new apparels, few were chattering non-stop while a few opted to remain silent.   "First day to college, and we have to stand all the way!!", said a girl seemingly irritated.
The girl beside her turned,"Yaa if only you wrapped up the controversy about kana kaanum kanangal !"
"Wha..? So the blame is on me? How could you…"
Another girl watching the heat brewing suddenly cut through. "Girls chuck it..! No point in arguing. Well make it on time tomorrow. "
Sam shook her head to herself disgusted by the "not-so-happy" turn of events. This was not the way she had imagined her first day in college. She was not sure was in store of her ahead.         

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