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Best Free Screen Recorder Apps for Android – Without Root

Posted on the 16 August 2016 by Himanshu Sharma @presentslide

As you all know about the operating system Android which is developed and owned by Google. Android is popular among people for its ease and usability. Android gives its users the flexibility which other Operating Systems are not providing. Everyone loves freedom and flexibility and thus choose Android as there operating system.

Although for doing some tasks it requires your android mobile to be rooted. Even for screen recording it needs root which is to provide internal access to the apps for doing tweaks. But today in this post I will be telling you about some Screen recorders for Android which do not requires Rooting your mobile.

List of Best Free Screen Recorder Apps for Android - Without Root

One of the best free screen recorder for Android mobiles and it does not even needs rooting your mobile. The application is full of features and will help you in screen casting your mobile phones easily. You can record the screen with quality and not even a watermark which other apps add to the video.

Some other features are as below:

Magic Button: A button with which you can control the video recording. It does not show up in the final recordings so the recordings will look professional.

Front Camera Overlay: A small overlay can be added to your videos which allow to show up you with your front camera. It can be used to create tutorials the smart way.

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Timer: It will help you to start your recording after a given time. SO you can prepare something before it starts.

Drawing Feature: You can use this feature to draw on your screen while recording. This will give an extra effect to your tutorials.

So these features makes this one of the best HD screen recorder for Android mobiles. Install it and give it a try!

It is also an amazing screen recorder for Android. It requires root for Android versions 4.4 and below. So if you are running Android version above 4.4 then you can use it to record your Android Screen. Screen Recorders face problems while recording screen in Android versions below and 4.4.

The app gives you unlimited Screen Recording(Until Your Mobile Storage gets filled) And that too without an watermark. There are some limitations with the free version as you can not record your voice. But you can get the Pro version to unlock all the features.

It works fine for the Android mobile running on Android 4.4 above. But if you still want to try then you can check if it is working or not. The app includes the same features like timer which starts recording after entered time. It also gives you an option to record your voice via mic with an recording up to 1 hour.

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When you are done with recording the screen then you can stop it by shaking or locking down your mobile. It also shows the touches where you have tapped while recording screen. So this way you can create good looking tutorials with easy explaining.

Mobizen is a screen recorder for Android version 4.4 and above. You can record HD quality videos through Mobizen. If your mobile is not that much high end then Don't worry. Mobizen provides the features ranging from basics to advance to suit all Android mobiles.

After creating your videos you can record them and even add your own BGM. So you can add your own Intro and exit scenes for branding your videos. All this comes with a price tag of free so give this app a try!

This was all about best free screen recorder apps for Android. Hope you liked the post. Share it with your friends as Sharing is Caring 🙂

Best Free Screen Recorder Apps for Android – Without Root

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