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Best Blow Dryer Ever!

By Trendrighter @trendrighter

Best Blow Job Ever! I know what you are thinking... now get your mind out of the gutter you pervert! I was asked to review some fantastic products for Metropolis Technology. I was hesitant at first as I thought, sure maybe a flat iron or a hair dryer. Not exactly what showed up at my doorstep. See the picture below.... I was sent an obscene amount of product! I was overwhelmed to say the least. As you might notice I have not blogged in some time as I have taken on a job (yes a real job) uhhh the travesty! But alas I am enjoying it so my personal life has come to a screeching halt. Being beyond crazed with work, receiving this box with so much product threw me in somewhat of a tizzy. I know what you are thinking, what a spoiled brat! She gets a huge box of free product, is a girly girl that loves free stuff and here she is complaining... believe me when I say I realized the oxymoron, emphasis on the moron part.
Best Blow Job Ever!
Metropolis Technology might just have changed my life. If you know me personally you know I don't do my hair, EVER! I rock the chinyon like no body's business. I am always rushing out the door as I am late for everything and my hair always comes last. It didn't used to be that way, but sacrifices had to be made. Believe me when I say that this blow dryer has become just as close to me as one of the things I would take on an island if only given a few options. My hair has never looked, felt or swooshed like this outside of the salon! My favorite products from the line are the New Yorker, The Paddle Brush, The Round Thermal Brush, and The Rio Iron.
Best Blow Job Ever!
To start, I would have to say I do put some TLC in my hair with product, I am a huge fan of Bumble and Bumble. This is something that has been engrained in me by my best friend who happens to be a hair stylist (Esther Harville). You can't always cut corners with cheeper product... you just can't. Plus I am in love with the smell of it. After doing a good wash and a nice conditioning I left my hair to a damp dry. Then separated my hair out to blow dry with the The Round Thermal Brush, layer by layer. To my surprise it wasn't very hot so I thought this would take forever, but it didn't! It was done in less time and wasn't all frizzy and looking like I needed a relaxer! I honestly didn't even need to flat iron my hair! So stay tuned, I will be reviewing The Rio soon (Stay tuned)... I will do this when I think I will need some super straight hair!
Best Blow Job Ever!
The Paddle Brush... Besides having some trauma of my mother threatening to beat me with it as a child... I am in love with this brush. It is light weight, soft like a dream really, and easy to pull through. I love brushing my hair like in those old black in whites where they sit in front of their vanity, this brush makes you feel like just that. Fabulous and like a timeless classy broad! I am throwing away all my old tools and brushes to make a nice home for the new found love I have for Metropolis Technology products.
Best Blow Job Ever!
This review gets a very happy ending! (get your mind out of the gutter pervert! It's a BLOW DRYER!)
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