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Fashion for Compassion

By Trendrighter @trendrighter
May 19th 2012, I attended a very special event in San Diego. I was invited by my wonderful friend Burdetta Jackson who was performing her fire routine in the middle of a fashion show. How could I say no to that?!?! I went in support of her, not really aware of what to expect. But there were hundreds of people going to this event in support of someone; for their loved ones and a very special honorary guest who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 29. As a woman only a year older than I, it hit very close to heart that life is too short and we take for granted the wonderful time we have in our bodies and as women in our community, this event was to remind us of just that. With a beautiful line up of models featuring how beautiful a woman's body is adorned in lingerie and accompanied by a beautiful woman spinning fire and breathing flames of passion and strength. Here is a glance of the beauty I saw with some hits of fantastic fashion by San Diego's finest.
Fashion for Compassion From left: View from venue, center pieces on tables, pool runway, house and runway center stage.
This house was amazing. It was located in San Diego on the bluff over looking an almost 180 degree view of the city and ocean. The air was crisp when we arrived. As these native SD locals were used to the beach weather this didn't seem to phase their outfit decisions one bit. I on the other hand was in a long sleeve LBD and still shivering. 
Fashion for Compassion From Left: Burdetta Jackson spinning fire as lingerie models took the stage. 
At first I was thinking was an interesting take on a breast cancer runway show. "Lingerie models?" I thought, well how is that supposed to make the woman who had a vasectomy feel? Is this just a ploy to get more dow-ray-my-breast? Not the case at all. After hearing the founder Nelo's speech about woman needing to be aware of their bodies and appreciate what we have while we have it, it was a reminder that we should look in the mirror and take a closer look. No matter what your age is we should be aware of changes early on. Know your body and be comfortable in your skin was my take away.
Fashion for Compassion From Left: Bebe Dress with the most adorable ribbon effect, by far my favorite dress of the night. Everyone was pink, even the men; pink ties, pink polo's under suit jackets, pink shoes. I liked that this gal went into the peach hue with the sexy show off top. However, after speaking with her, she is more modest than you think. She was having a hard time with the adjustment of the top and just felt to "out there" so she had her mother sew on this little applique you can see pictured in the middle for for extra safety, which I thought added just that something it needed up top. She took Bebe to Sheshe!  On the Right: I met this group of fantastic girls by the bar. They were so nice and sweet, I just loved their color combinations. Again, everyone was in a hue or shade of pink, but these ladies all felt way more original, and not overly adorned in designer labels. Perfect beach community dress up take on the evening. 
Fashion for Compassion From Left: The silent auction artist were fantastic. I love all ocean pictures and this was the place to make your bid. On the right you can see in the entrance of how packed the casino was with people excited to give and give and give! 
What a great reminder that we are all in need of giving. I hope this touches you like it did me, maybe we can start thinking a little more about how fashion is not just a passion, it can be about compassion and how we can show that in our everyday lives. After all, the one thing I do every day is get dressed.... 
xo,  L

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