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Benefits Of Strength Training

Posted on the 26 April 2013 by Dave Nevue

Benefits Of Strength Training

With so many projects on your plate it is easy to put off your workout program on any given day. From when you wake up to get the kids ready for school along with getting yourself ready for work, to coming home to cook dinner and review homework, you find it hard to spend time for yourself. The one thing you should not miss is taking care of your health. You can not be there for your loved ones if you are not healthy. The benefits of strength training for just 30 minutes three times a week will give you the energy to get through your high paced day.

Schedule your workouts for the week and make it part of your lifestyle. If you do not plan for them it is easy for the week to pass buy and you. Along with training yourself make it a family activity. If you are a mother there is nothing more important than having your family be health, successful and happy. Teach them the benefits of strength training and make it a lifestyle for your entire family.

When you find it hard to train go over this list to give you a motivational boost. Print out several copies and give some to your family and put them where you will see them everyday.

Why I should workout:

The benefits of strength training.

I will look better. I will maintain a healthy weight and look tone. I will be able to wear the clothes I love.
It will help reduce the risk of me getting osteoporosis.
It only takes 90 minutes of my time for an entire week.
It will give me more energy for me to accomplish what I have to and be able to enjoy the time I have with my family.
I can eat more and maintain a healthy weight because it has been shown that strength training raises the metabolism by up to 15%.
It will help prevent muscle loss so when I get older I will be independent and be able to enjoy the time with my grandchildren.
It will help me manage my stress.
I will have better sleep.
I will be a healthy strong mom

These 9 benefits alone are worth just 90 minutes of your week. Take time for yourself and stay healthy. Your body and family will appreciate it.

Dave Nevue

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