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Benefits of Buying Green Energy

Posted on the 08 November 2011 by T_mackinnon @tedmackinnon

I am sure that you all would agree that we are constantly hearing or reading about the benefits of living greener lifestyles as an attempt to help save the planet. There are many ways we, as individuals, can do our part to save energy and help the environment from simply using recyclables to building solar powered homes. While many people think of powering their homes with green energy as a major step, it’s actually one of the easiest ways to have a huge impact on global warming and the environment.

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Green power is generated from nature in the form or renewable energy sources like the sun, wind, hydro and geothermal. Why should we continue to pay thousands of dollars each year in energy costs between heating, electricity, hot water, etc. when green energy is out there waiting? The benefits of switching to green energy are phenomenal.

Using green energy lessens, if not eliminates, CO2 byproducts, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other pollutants that result from the fossil fuels used to create energy. This is a huge benefit to the environment. Because our natural resources are depleting faster than they can be replenished, we’ve had to purchase fossil fuels from other countries, accounting for billions of dollars spent each year. In 1997 alone, $65 billion dollars went to other countries to have fossil fuels imported here. By using more renewable energy resources right here in our country, we’re keeping the money here to help economy and create more jobs.

The major difference between fossil fuels and the sun is that while the sun will last forever, oil will not; therefore, the future of our children relies on us using more renewable energy sources. Our country’s dependency on foreign oil has put our freedom on shaky ground. Switching to renewable sources of energy will decrease that dependency.

Production of wind generated electricity has increased 31 percent last year as electricity supplies and utility companies are supplying the customer’s demand for cleaner energy. Consider plugging into this rapidly growing division of the power energy. You’ll not only enjoy cleaner air but will save thousands of dollars each year.

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Buying clean energy really will make a financial difference in your wallet. Purchasing just one 100kWh block of renewable energy is as beneficial as not driving a car for 2400 miles. Power providers in some states such as Colorado are now offering their customers blocks of renewable energy. They can buy enough to cover their monthly bill or choose to buy just one or two blocks. Learning more about renewable energy for our homes is the first step towards a greener environment for everyone.

Even small steps can go a long way, especially since most of can not afford to make big changes and jump right into Green Energy products. For example we traded in our old oil burning furnace and hot water system for more up to date efficient units and got rebates back from the Government to help pay for them. Not a real major step but a good one none the less.
It may seem expensive but even a little bit goes a long way when we all pitch in

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