Being Popular Doesn't Mean Being Important

Posted on the 21 February 2015 by Luciano Pacini
Today my dear readers, I want to reflect upon with all of you about the following assumption that I have just given birth: "Even if all the people of the world have said something stupid, it will be still stupid".  You all know how I prefer not focus on abused words from society, but this time in order to develop my concept it is necessary to talk about one of those: "conformism". Anyway don't worry because obviously I have my personal and interesting opinion about that. For me this term refers to a tendency in adapting yourself to opinions, habits and behaviors that are prevalent into your society.

Being popular doesn't mean being important

Usually conformists people are sheeps in meaning of life

So going on I define conformists those whom, ignoring their subjective self-expressions, they adapt the overall behaviors of the majority group which they take part.Anyway I think I can't have just a negative impression about all of that, because I know very well that the origin of conformism often resides in the "ancient part" of the human being, that refuses the loneliness out from the herd, considering it as dangerous. It is a kind of surviving behavior, people are protecting themselves into the social environment in which they live, taking on the most common traits, in terms of ways of being, doing, thinking. The result is a sense of security that evidently reinforces a conformist behavior.All of this that I have just said it is generally true and for each historical era in which human beings have lived; but we are here and now, and here and now there are television and Internet playing a key role, in fact the media have a big responsibility in spreading a conformist attitude. A single person is discouraged from expressing openly an opinion, specially if this opinion is contrary to the majority. This does ensure that people who find themselves in such situation are emarginated, increasing that way the collective perception of being different from the majority, causing consequently, a dynamic process where this minority even unconsciously change opinion to conform and align with the rest of the group.Now to better understand what I want to say it is necessary one good provocation of mine, because don't forget that my statement is: "Being popular doesnt mean being important". Let's talk about teenagers because they are a "social group" that easily is targeted by media. The example that I want to do is very simple but effective. Teeneager have their own idols that usually are singers or bands. They listen a lot to their music and they wear the same clothes, after that, maybe they are ready to play all the day long with their smartphones. So if I would be in an American tv show talking about Mark Twain, obviously I would have less audience than this teeneger singer who is performing on another channel; what does it means? I guess that American people prefer entertaining instead of to know from where they came from; but what is more interesting?Now in Uk are very popular some teenegers bands. If I would be on a British tv show talking about Shakespeare for sure I would have less audience than them. What does it means? The same thing above I guess. And I can continue like that for every country. In Russia not so many people would watch me if I just would talk about so meaningful authors as Tolstoy or Dostoevsky and in Italy just a common football game would be more followed than a poem of Dante, Petrarca or Boccaccio.

Being popular doesn't mean being important

I am different from others and I am "proud" of that! 

All of that what does it means? I have  the answer: "It means that being popular doesn't mean being interesting". There are a lot of smart people that are not so popular in the World, and this it happens because there isn't any type of connection between "popular" and "interesting". I support this concept. Instead many people confuse those two words, that are not just words but a lot more. Definitely what compromises the whole thing is the fact that everything revolves around money.For sure the path is becaming complicated because now you my dear reader, you could say to me that intertesting is a relative concept, like if for someone can be interestig something that is not for someonelse. That's true, but you know me, and I know you, consequently you know very well that I can't do this absurde rethoric. Just because you follow me I know that you are able to understand me right. Anyhow I know that you can have this doubt so I want to answer already to this question. I think in fact that there is nothing wrong in relaxing, in having fun, in entertaining and so on, but the fact is that those people, in this case teenegers whose I was talking about, they tend to do just that. At least they should give more space in their life of what is really interesting for their mind and soul. I want to conclude my statements with a surprise. Maybe after all of what I have just written you think that I consider my self an anti-conformist, yes it is true, I consider myself like that. Usually you have non-conformist personalities in artists, in scientists, in philosophers, in saints, and in all of those who are giving to themselves the opportunity of "the free expression" out of a shape already predefined: so this is me. And I wish you are also like that my dear reader.The revelation that I am talking about is that I consider social conformism important. Unfortunately imitation is a fundamental characteristic of the human being and you can't get apart from it. In fact I think that behind every claim of unconventionality, it hides another conformist behavior. So even me, that "I sing myself", I can't bear to admit the resemblance to other human beings and I lean to the mass in order to rise myself above it but this movement is inspired by those "nonconformists" who have preceded me in every fields and it demonstrates my dependence on the mass that I despise so much. So I can say that in my anti-conformism I am conformist, because "without the mass I would have nothing from which I can stand out".
Being popular doesn't mean being important

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