Three Essential Tips to Bring Optimism into Your Life

Posted on the 14 November 2016 by Luciano Pacini
This time my dear reader I want to write a different kind of post. I mean, of course is not different at all, because there is still me here, but I want to do an experiment: I will adopt a style where I will give you some concrete advices. I have been always giving you advices, but this time I want to do it more directly. Like giving you  exercises for instance. You can tell in the comments what you think about all of that. So now I begin and I show you how I can give you some practicle tips. But please, read very carefully my following words and then if you need try to put them into practice.Three essential tips to bring optimism into your life
I think my dear reader that first of all is necessary to say that it is completely normal if sometimes you have tough times. Life it is also like that, I guess. Everybody has, even those whom seems that their lives are perfect, I can insure you that things are not often as they seems. So if everyone have tough times, a better deduction could be why somebody seems happier than others, why somebody seems more powerfull than others, why someone seems more succesful than others. It must be something that makes the difference. What is it? Those can be right doubts and I tell you now the answer don't worry then. What makes the difference it is how you react during these though times. This is the point. So how you think and act it makes a big difference. Life can change in a huge and remarkable way if we really want, I know that directly from my life experince.So as I said I want simply share just five of my timeless optimism fundamentals.1)Find your word or sentenceWhat does it mean? I am going to explain you right now.I know that it is easy to let negative thoughts spin out of control and to let them grow from just one thought into a big thing in your mind. My suggestion that can help you with this bad habit is to say something right away. You can literally use a word or phrase. I personally often do! This also works well for optimism. So personally, as soon as I become aware that I am starting “making a mountain out of a molehill”, then let’s say I can think:“stop”! Or if it is not enough I can even shout it! It depends who will be near me…maybe! Anyway I can use also a sentence like: “it is not like that”! But you must think orsay with convinction.After doing that just to give more power to your “word or sentece”, you can think if this “pseudo-problem” will matter like in five years, or maybe even in five weeks. If you will think carefully you will see that the most of the time your answer will be no. For me it is exactly like that! And your mind will be once again more calm. I am sure my dear reader that thinking in this way will help you to calm down and to judge more clearly your situation once again.So my dear reader if you will have this problem just find your word and sentence that it will work for you. Just try it!2)Ask yourself the right questionsSo now let’s say thatof course not all troubles in life are effectively just molehills and these type of challenges can more easily discouraged you. In this case my dear reader you should try to view them in a helpful way. Of course they may still hurt, but they tend to hurt a lot less or go away and they can even be a source of optimistic excitement.How can you practivally do? Simply, let’s continue with the strategy of the “word or sentence”, but after try asking yourself those consistent questions: “What is one opportunity in this situation? How will this experience help me in the long run?” These simple questions can help you to make good use of a situation that may seem negative at first. I am sure you can find the right answers, and after having gone through this process over and over again you will be a lot less afraid of making mistakes or failing. I know from my personal experience by handling challenges in this way I have gained many benefits and grown as a person over the time. For example, I did not to like making mistakes or failing at all, but nowadays I have learned that these things tend truly be a blessing in disguise, even risk is necessary. What has changed in me? Nothing because I am still Luciano Pacini but now I view them differently and act upon them differently than I used to. I have just learned to reduce and handle worries. Then another question I can myself is: “How many of my worries and things I feared came into my reality in the past?” The answer is always the same for me: none of them.So now my dear reader when you have some troubles try to make to yourself those questions above and also important try to find your right answer. It will help you a lot!3)Focus on the small steps you can takeIt may feel like you have been on the same path and stuck in the same habits for so long. But I can tell you that many people didn’t make many positive changes to their own lives before of certain age. Actually many friends tell me that they have just recently changed their lives in a positive way.You may not be able to change your life in any way you want right now. But you can still work with what you have right now. Make a small change, just as much as possible. That small success will give you optimism and you can build upon that to make perhaps some bigger changes further in the short or long term then. It is not too late to change your life, really. Focus on what you can do about your situation and make some dicisions. Don't ask yourself over and over why something happened to you or why you failed. That will only lead you to pessimism, so it is useless. Instead try ask yourself which small step you can take to improve this situation. Just take that one small step, but already today. Then another tomorrow. The small steps tend to add up quickly and they will bring confidence and optimism that allow you taking bigger steps. For me it works very good, for example when I feel I don’t achieve some of my goals I just stop thinking about that and I focus my positive energy in some different projects, they can be still in order to reach the same goal that I wanted or they can be a totally brend new target. For me it always work so good, thinking, acting and behaving in this way. Because I am sure that I can’t go back and start a new beginning, but I can start again today and make a new happy path into my beautiful life.

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