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Being #Betrayed Just Once Will Make You Re-Evaluate Your Entire Relationship

By Bren @Virtual_Bren

If you’ve ever been betrayed by someone you love, at some point you’ll re-evaluate the entire relationship. Just one major lie will get your mind thinking back to other situations that you questioned.

Was he/she telling the truth back then?

You will doubt any answer he/she gave you because the trust has been broken.

If it was so easy for him to lie to me this time, how many more have their been?

The Truth Hurts

You may never know the true answer to anything you ever asked him/her. What you need to do is reach deep inside yourself and ask yourself if you can live with not ever really knowing.

Some may answer “No” and dissolve the relationship. Others may not know even after reaching deep inside themselves because although the trust is gone, their heart is telling them to work things out and try to retrust.

The Truth Hurts

It’s Hard

If you’ve followed MGP for the past couple of years, you know the rollercoaster of a relationship I’ve been on. Finding out your spouse betrayed you is a tragedy, but you can recover IF you have the will and strength to do so.

I’ve Been Looking Back

My husband served in the military for the first 4-5 years of our relationship, During that time, he was overseas on four (4) different occasions. This only can put a strain on a relationship, however if there is already some kind of doubt, it can really play tricks on you.

I’d like to think that during these deployments that he remained faithful to me. However, since it was so easy for him to lie to me about his emotional affair and the plans about a physical affair, I now have doubts about those trips away.

It’s Horrible

It’s horrible to think that the time he was away and asking me to remain faithful, that he himself may not have been. How would I ever know? Military people have “code”. That code is thicker than blood, believe it or not.

What happens in the military, stays in the military.

So unless he was to tell me or someone I ended up with a venereal disease, I would never know. This is so hard to live with!

What Do You Do?

Do you continue to go on thinking he/she was telling the truth back then? Or were there previous signs of betrayal or lies that may make you serious doubt the validity of anything he/she said.

What Can You Do?

  1. You can come to grips with you might NEVER know.
  2. You can drive yourself crazy with doubt and mistrust.
  3. You can remove yourself from the situation.
  4. You can just let it go.
  5. You can question him/her until you are blue in the face and still never know.

My Best Advice

This is advice I’ve taken myself, just let it go. If you are wanting to salvage whatever you have left of the relationship, let it go. Otherwise, it will destroy YOU and any chances at bettering the relationship.

Let It Go and Find Peace

If you feel as though you cannot let go, find a way to dissolve the relationship and find peace for yourself.

Whichever you choose, it is YOUR choice and YOURS only.


Note from the Author: Being there is so much history on MGP about Relationships and Betrayal, I decided to publish this here instead of on my new site. I will continue to keep MGP live and publish new Relationship articles here. Thanks for understanding.

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