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Before Cellphones….There Was…The Newspaper

By Bren @Virtual_Bren

Let’s face it, with today’s technologies we are totally spoiled! I mean I remember as a child having to physically check in with mom every couple of hours. She wanted to know where I was, who I was with, and if there were parents or adults there to chaperone. If I was at a friend’s house, she did allow me to call her to check in and only to say “I’m ok” and “What time is dinner?”.

But Times Have Changed

Children now days have cellphones. They get them even before they are a teenager. They learn how to use cellphones before they even get their own because parents will allow them to use their own cellphones to keep them occupied.

Whatever happened to playing outside and riding bicycles?

Children who do go out to ride bikes, have to wear crash helmets and elbow/knee pads. How do children learn pain (like we did by falling off our bikes) if they are too pampered?

Speaking of Times Changing
Before Cellphones...There Was...The Newspaper

Do you remember as a child on Sunday mornings after church or breakfast, Dad would always go to the bathroom with his newspaper! I swear the bathroom in my childhood home would smell of coffee, cigarettes, and shit. Dad would come out of the bathroom and toss the newspaper on the kitchen table. It would sit there until I was ready to read the comics, check out the movie listings, and do the crossword puzzle or word search.


That sounds so totally disgusting, doesn’t it?

But then times change. Not too many people are reading the actual paper newspaper, right? Now we take our Kindle Reader or our Cellphones into the bathroom with us. Come on! Fess up! You do it! I know you do it, cause I DO IT!

Isn’t this too disgusting? Haven’t you seen me post pictures on Twitter or Facebook saying “My favorite room at work, where am I?”

YES! I’m in the bathroom with my cellphone!

This is totally grossing me out to think how cellphones follow us everywhere we go!

We use to get ink on our fingers from reading the paper. Those dirty papers that were handled by some many people even before us. We lick our fingers, turn the page, lick our fingers, eat, lick our fingers, turn the page. This is totally disgusting! What about sitting on the “pot”, reading the newspaper, wiping our ass, licking our fingers to turn the page and never washing our hands?

Oh I’m Totally Grossing Myself Out!

But with cellphones, it’s not like we can sanitize them, right? I mean, we can’t take a shit with our cellphones and wash our cellphones off as we would our hands! So the germies are still there ON YOUR CELLPHONE!

You’re texting your new-found hottie of a boyfriend some sexiness and he’s sitting on the “pot” spanking his monkey! Ewww again! Then he takes those same hands to text you back! Just disgusting!

Hmm back in the day, the boys would take Playboy magazine in the bathroom with them. At least, the nastiness was getting on the magazines back then and NOT on the cellphone!

So You See, Times Have Really Changed

and maybe not for the better.

One last thought, do thinking back at newspapers, do you think things were hygienically better? Is technology changing so much that we are forgetting about hygiene?

Oh and one more thought……where are some of the nastiest places you’ve taken your cellphone and used it?

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