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Become a Top Wedding Planner – Is the Bride Really Objecting to Your Price?

By Sharonhill @sharonhill

Become a Top Wedding Planner – Is the Bride Really Objecting to Your Price?

As a wedding planner you’ll often hear price objections and think that it is the real reason that some brides don’t want to hire you. Although price can be an issue, sometimes it is just easier for a bride to say that she can’t afford your services than to explain why she is turning you down.

A bride’s decision as to who she is going to hire is dependent not only on price but many other questions and thoughts that are spinning around in her head.

It may seem like the bride only needs an answer to these 3 questions:

1) Do their wedding services and packages suit my needs?

2) Are their prices affordable?

3) Do they have education and experience in the style of wedding that I want?

But a bride may also be wondering:

1) Is this someone who is honest?

2) Will they listen to me so the wedding is my vision, not theirs?

2) Is this person easy to work with or will they stress me out more than if I do this myself?

3) Can my mother (sister, or friend) do the same work that this wedding planner would do?

4) Will they make me spend more than my budget can afford?

5) How is this wedding planner different than the others?

When you meet with a bride it is best if you can listen, uncover and address those important questions that she does not articulate. Be prepared to share testimonials, show examples from past weddings you have planned and be sure to emphasize the value of your services.

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