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Become a Top Wedding Planner – 5 Wedding Worries You Need to Handle for Your Brides

By Sharonhill @sharonhill

Become a Top Wedding Planner – 5 Wedding Worries You Need to Handle for Your Brides

An article in the September issue of Brides magazine offers 26 (from A to Z) suggestions for a bride to use so she can have a worry-free wedding. Unfortunately the best suggestion, hiring a wedding planner, isn’t one of them. But if you’re thinking of becoming a wedding planner, or are a new planner, pay attention to the article because it will give you an idea of what you will be dealing with when you become a professional.

Here are 5 of the worries they address that you will need to be prepared to handle:

1) A bride worries that she won’t be prepared with all she needs in her wedding day emergency kit

One question brides often ask planners is if they bring an emergency kit on the wedding day and what things they bring.

Your kit should have more than a typical bride might have in her kit. For example, your kit might have a pair of dark socks for the groom or groomsman who only has white ones, Wine Away for a sudden stain, clear earring backs, a pair of faux pearl or diamond earrings in case a bride forgets her jewelry and, of course, a pair of faux wedding rings in case the real ones get left at home.

2) A bride worries that her vendors might not make it on time

As the wedding planner, you coordinate the wedding vendors. Even if you have been hired only for a “Day of” service, you should have all vendor contact information and you should speak with them in advance and give them a timeline of the day so they know when they are expected and you can keep track of them.

3) A bride with an outdoor wedding worries about the weather

You can’t control the weather but you can make sure there is a “Plan B” for bringing the wedding indoors if it gets too hot, cold or rainy.

Of course, there are situations, like some couples are experiencing now, with Hurricane Irene, in which even executing a “Plan B” may not be possible. (If you are in an area that could have hurricanes, you might suggest your couples purchase wedding insurance.)

4) A bride worries about an inappropriate wedding toast or speech

During rehearsal, speak to the best man, and any other members of the wedding party who will be giving  toasts, and review what they plan to say. Remind them they are there to honor the bride and groom not “roast” them. Give them a time limit and have the emcee help you enforce the limit at the reception.

5) A bride worries that she cannot complete her wedding day “to do” list

You have a wedding day “to do” list, not your bride. Know in advance what she feels she needs to get done on her wedding day and take it on. Let her know you want her to enjoy her day. She is to eat, get her hair and makeup done, get dressed and enjoy her day.

You can read about more wedding worries in the September 2011 issue of Brides magazine.

Become a Top Wedding Planner – 5 Wedding Worries You Need to Handle for Your Brides

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