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Become a Top Wedding Planner – 3 Ways You Are More Valuable Than an Onsite Coordinator

By Sharonhill @sharonhill

Become a Top Wedding Planner – 3 Ways You Are More Valuable than an Onsite Coordinator

A bride might think that she doesn’t need a wedding planner if there is a coordinator at her venue who promises to help her. While it might initially seem like a good idea, a bride may not realize until it’s too late that an onsite coordinator can’t give her the complete assistance that you, as a professional wedding planner, can. If one of the objections that you are hearing from brides is they have someone to help them at their venue, here are 3 of the things that you need to point out that you can provide that an onsite coordinator cannot:

1) You have access to a wide range of wedding vendors

Most venue coordinators have a small list of vendors whom they refer brides to. You, on the other hand, work with the bride first, learning what she wants then finding vendors who can execute her vision in her style and within her budget. You then manage the relationship between all of the vendors and the venue to assure the bride get what she wants on her wedding day.

2) You don’t just help with the venue

The onsite coordinator’s job is to see that all goes well at his/her facility and is a great asset in that respect. However, it is not their job to make a schedule and make sure vendors are arriving and setting up on time, to see that everyone in the wedding party knows what they need to do, or to make sure that the program flows smoothly from first dance to cake cutting to the bride and groom’s exit.

3) You aren’t trying to run other events at the same time

Very often an onsite coordinator has more than one event they are working on at the same time the bride has her wedding or reception at their venue. This means the coordinator could be pulled away at any moment to help another client. As a wedding planner, you dedicate yourself to your bride on her day and her wedding is your only concern.

A bride needs a wedding planner to handle all of the aspects of planning and managing her wedding. Your marketing should emphasize how you do that better than anyone else.

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