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Beauty Myths

By Carrie Berschman @CarrieBerschman
Beauty Myths

Myth: Your age is important when picking out skincare products.
Fact: Many products claim to target a specific age range, typically "mature" or women of 50+. But age isn't a skin type. Always purchase products according to your skin type and target concerns. 
Myth: Makeup causes acne.
Fact: Directly? Probably not. Breakouts are typically a response to an irritant, problematic ingredients, hormones, and clogged pores (not washing off your makeup). 
Myth: If a company says their product works, it does.
Fact: No, product results vary amongst users. AND a products claim is also part of their sales pitch, which doesn't directly equate legitimate research results. 
Myth: Expensive cosmetics and skincare work better than inexpensive. 
Fact: The truth is that there are good and bad products at ALL price ranges. What matters is the formulation. Spending less doesn't hurt your skin and spending more doesn't always help it. 
Myth: It's good when products cool and tingle the skin.
Fact: That familiar tingling sensation is actually your skins response to being irritated, which results in inflammation. Inflammation can actually making scarring worse, break down collagen and elastin, and increase bacteria (which can lead to pimples). Initially these results aren't that severe, but over time, they can surely add up. 
 Myth: Blackheads relate to cleanliness and can be scrubbed away.
Fact: Have you tried to scrub them away? It doesn't work like that. Blackheads are actually caused by hormones producing too much oil, thus clogging pores. When combined with a little cellular debris, it oxidizes and turns, you guessed it... black. Try using a products with salicylic acid to help exfoliate the pores lining. [I also love these Boscia Pore Purifying strips!]
Myth: Moisturizer used at night time has to be labeled "night cream". 
Fact: The main difference between a day and night cream is that a day cream should offer SPF 15+. Your skin cells are constantly renewing themselves, every second of the day; not just at night. So nourish it at all times. 
Myth: Use the products you like,  regardless of what's in them.
Fact: People often face problems with their skin because they like products that aren't necessarily good or benefiting their skin. It's no different than me loving a nice tan, but it can cause wrinkles, sun spots/freckles, and even skin cancer. You may really love your current moisturizer you use in the morning, but if it doesn't have SPF (or in your foundation), you are leaving your skin wide open for sun damage, even if you don't get a "burn". [Product knowledge of ingredients is so key.] 
Myth: Your skin adapts to products and eventually stops working or being as potent.
Fact: As long as you are applying what is healthy to your skin, it will continue to be healthy. Just like fruits and vegetables are always going to be good for your diet. They don't stop being healthy. 
I hope you found this helpful!

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