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Beauty: Bath Time

By Ninegrandstudent

There’s nothing I love more than taking an hour or so in the evening to relax and pamper myself – I’m looking forward to allowing myself that time again once exams are over! In fact I’ve been stockpiling some of my favorite products ready for the ultimate ‘bath night’ (wild student lifestyle, hey?!)

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If I’m going all out, luxuriating in a long hot soak (with multiple hot-tap top-ups) then I’m going to do it properly. I’m going to use my favorite bath products, I’m going to take in a book or magazine, I’m going to take in a cup of tea, maybe even a cheeky glass of wine. I’m going to make sure my towels are warming on a radiator for when I get out, and my favorite PJs are clean and ready to slip on afterwards.

Having said all of that, I’m not a fan of the more ‘popular’ bath products. I have never tried a Lush bath product I’ve enjoyed using, with the majority making my skin feel dry. I seem to have a reaction to anything with any trace of lavender in, coming out in acne-like rashes. Bubbles annoy me as they tend to make my hair greasy, and to make me even more fussy? Citrus scents aren’t allowed in our house due to allergies. It can make choose a bath product a little more difficult! There is one standout product I’ve used in the past year though, and I have unexpectedly come to love it. Sure, this Eygptian Milk & Honey Bath Powder might be awkward and a little messy to use (I’ve prefer a tub rather than flimsy bag!), but it smells divine, leaves my skin feeling soft and soothed, and makes me super relaxed. A bit pricey perhaps, but the one bath product I’ve found that I’m willing to splurge on.

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As I’m sure I’ve moaned enough recently, it’s probably pretty obvious that I’m going through a rather stressful and intensive revision period. There’s definitely no time for a long, relaxing soak (and my mind won’t shut down long enough for it anyway!) but I have been making an effort to squeeze some pampering into my showers. Using some of the bits and bobs my mom put together as part of my Christmas present, I’ve come up with a super-quick routine that leaves me feeling treated and relaxed, whilst not taking up much additional time at all.

 photo Bath Time 13_zpspe3cgnt4.jpg
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The Breakfast Scrub is the only Soap & Glory product I’ve absolutely loved, and it’s perfect for buffing my skin up. The Argan shower gel from the Bodyshop smells absolutely divine, and Lush’s Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner leaves my skin so, so soft. Even on days where time is really short, taking 30 seconds to properly massage my moisturiser in, apply some lip-balm and spray a pillow spray before bed leaves me feeling much more relaxed.

What are your go-to bath products? I’d love to try a bath oil sometime soon…

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