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Beautification - Boat Style

By Saltykisses @svprili
pretty1When you hit the States you all know what time it is?….
Projects and Provisioning – those two expensive “P” words. We are waiting on metal and other important bits to arrive so what else do you do but do pretty stuff.
The other night, after the kids went to bed. You can’t do anything messy with kids around. Alex and Carl decided to tackle the table and put charts on it. We did a little bit of research on it but decided just to wing it in the end. We sprayed down the charts on the table and covered it with epoxy.
What gooey fun.pretty2 pretty3 As you can see the map from National Geographic which was glossy had the best effect. The other charts which were actual nautical paper charts went transparent with the epoxy. Not to worry, the effect is pretty cool. Some of the edges of the paper charts came up a bit so we’ll have to put another layer on it. We’re on day 2 now and still waiting on the epoxy to properly cure, looks like a picnic dinner on the floor again. pretty4 I also whipped up some curtains for the kids’ bunks, now they have added privacy and a fun new area to play. We opted for sturdy wooden rods instead of rope because I’m sure I’ll find the girls swinging on them soon.
pretty5 pretty6 I sewed some loops on the end of the kids’ towels. The towels hang just above the head and when we’re sailing they either drop to the floor or right in the head which always has pee or poop in it because the girls don’t know how to flush yet. Problem solved.
pretty7 I made some hanging laundry bags to get the piles of dirty clothes off the floor. Thanks to Martha Stewart I made them with a hoop from a craft store, I think its for cross stitch or something and a pillow case. Cheap, useful, washable and I can always use the case for pillows if I run short. pretty8 The metal should be coming in tomorrow for our cockpit. The boys prepped the area today grinding out spots of rust. Next project…… cockpit dodger. But first Carl has to rebuild the head tonight.

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