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Bear Bottom Update June 6th

By Bearbottomproductions @BearBottomProd

Hello Friends,

Thank you for your continued support of our page, Bear Bottom Productions.  We just celebrated our third year of existence and we are hoping for many more years.  The past few months we have been working hard at figuring out how to make your experience better.  Well, we came up with a few ideas.  So let us share them with you.

First off, we are going to be bringing back the English Premier League section.  We got a wonderful response when we started it last year, though it kind of went to the way side as we were unable to support it.  We are fighting hard right now so that it can be ready for the upcoming season.

Second, we are proud to be bringing you the second year of NFL coverage.  We had a above expectations in response to last years postings.  We will be providing the same and we hope to be covering more teams!  Currently we have the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings covered!

Third, we don’t want to get to excited yet.  Though there is a possibility that we will be having a partnership soon.  Our owner is hashing out the details and dirty work so that it can become a reality.  Cross your fingers and hope we get a partnership.  Once we do we will announce who and what.

Finally, we brought on this week another writer.  He is awesome and does some amazing articles.  Welcome Dominique to the staff.  He will be covering news around the NBA!

We hope that you will continue to find interesting articles and topics on our page.

Thank you,

Bear Bottom Team!

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