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Beakfast Love and a Tiny Recipe.

By Nonibaumann
beakfast love and a tiny recipe.
I know it`s Thursday, but Thursday is nearly Friday and Friday is nearly weekend and weekend is time for breakfast, loooong breakfast...I think I may mentioned the breakfast love of this house now and then:)...
We just love eating and sitting together, enjoying each others company without any time pressure at the weekends. I love mornings and mornings with the whole family are just not to beat.
So I´m always looking for some fun new breakfast things, like this one:
we are sweet teeth and we really love monkey bread a whole lot around here, so here is quite fast little recipe variation of it: (it`s faster because you use already baked bread)  you need old white bread or old cinnamon roles (instead of throwing it away), cut them into squares, for a small portion I take 3-4 breads, sprinkle some milk over them, press them into a buttered baking tin/ or into two small silicon forms and then add the typical monkey bread mixture ( 3/4 cup butter, 3/4 cup brown sugar, 2 TS cinnamon and in this case I also add 2 TS vanilla pudding powder and if you like you can also add some nuts and dried fruits), and bake them around 15 minutes 180°C
and because monkey bread is may not the healthiest breakfast variant here are some other healthy and fun ideas for the whole family:
beakfast love and a tiny recipe.
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have a relaxed and happy weekend with your loved ones , noni!
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