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Beach Boys, “Fire”

Posted on the 15 January 2014 by Calvinthedog

Whoa! Easy on the LSD there, Brian!

This is from the aborted and never-released album, Smile. Although the album was never officially released, a popular bootleg version circulated widely for many years and sold a lot of copies.

Later, The Smile Sessions was released as an official release which attempted to recapture the Smile album.

A good overview of Smile is here.

The record fell apart mostly due to Brian Wilson’s very heavy drug use – mostly cocaine, hashish and LSD – and his increasingly insane behavior. He appeared to be psychotic for much of the recording of the album. Widely thought to be a drug burnout, in truth, Wilson actually developed bipolar disorder or manic depression.

During the manic phase, people often appear or actually are psychotic, though the psychotic symptoms are not usually as severe as in schizophrenia. Extreme irritability, paranoia, grandiose delusions, menacing and threatening behavior, criminality and violence are known to accompany manic episodes, which are also often characterized by heavy drug and alcohol use. Severe manic episodes were often diagnoses as schizophrenia in the past, but there are some pretty clear-cut differences between the two illnesses. However, there is a disorder called schizoaffective disorder that seems to be in between schizophrenia and manic depression. Males tend to be more manic and females tend to be more depressed.

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