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Posted on the 06 March 2012 by Jean Campbell


Be my guest and share the new beginning you took following active treatment for breast cancer. Make the road a little easier for the person coming up behind you.

Very few of us go back to life exactly as it was before treatment. Breast cancer has changed us. Most of us want to give ourselves something after all we have been through. That something is usually a new beginning in some aspect of our lives. We give ourselves permission to learn something new, to start a business, to move, change careers…the list is endless.

Starting this month, there will be a new guest post feature on the site. The “New Beginnings” series will be guest posts submitted by survivors focusing on their new beginnings following active treatment for breast cancer.

The “New Beginnings” guest posts are meant, first, to help those newly diagnosed to see beyond treatment to a time when starting something new is possible and a great way of getting on with life after breast cancer.

Secondly, New Beginnings guest posts are meant to inspire those who have finished active treatment and are casting about for something new to do. New beginnings, no matter what they are, carry with them something positive to think about and do. They push the lingering fears and concerns of  breast cancer to the back burner.

If you are in treatment and find yourself thinking about how you want to use your time as a survivor to do something you have always wanted to do…please write a guest post and share with us. If the breast cancer experience has made you aware of a need or a service you would like to provide for others going through breast cancer…please share. Maybe there are others who can give you ideas for making that service a reality.

If you are finished active treatment and wanting to get into something new but just can’t seem to give your self permission to make it happen…please share. Permission is key to any new beginning. Many of us feel like you. Those of us who have made a new beginning can share what it took us to give ourselves that new beginning.

Don’t worry about your writing style or abilities. Just put your thoughts down in an e-mail and send them to [email protected] If your work needs editing, it will be done. Please send a brief bio about yourself to be included in your guest post. If you wish, include a URL,Facebook or twitter address where people can get in touch with you.

If you choose to share how you started a service or a business, please write about how you got there. That is what we need need to hear.

I look forward to hearing  from you!

All the best,


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