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Batulao Morning

By Juanatravels
Batulao morning
To start off the year, we've decided to take a day hike up Mt. Batulao in Batangas.  I was a bit apprehensive about doing this at first since I have a sprained ankle I had been nursing for the past 3 weeks now, but I just had to do it. I know that it would make me look forward to all the surprises and challenges the new year has in store for me. So I woke up at around 4am today and about an hour and a half later, found myself by the Nasugbu archway.  From there, D and I started our walk up Mt. Batulao.  It was still a bit dark when we started, but after a few minutes of walking, we were greeted by an awesome view of a nearby mountain (possibly, Mt. Maculot) bathed in all of the sun's glory!   It was truly a sight to behold!
Batulao morning
The trek wasn't as bad as we'd initially thought with the cool breeze helping us out with our ascend. By 7:30am, we found ourselves at the summit. It felt good to have been able to climb again!  We didn't stay that long on top as it started to become a bit too cold for me so by 8:20 or so, we decided to head back out.  I had a harder time going down, since I've grown wary about going down steep slopes and my right knee almost giving up on me. hahaha But since we still thought we did a good job this morning, we decided to reward ourselves with a bottle of Mountain Dew each at Ate Tessie's store/rest stop area. :)  It was ultimately a fun climb!  It was so refreshing, we're now even contemplating about doing this regularly.   Before heading out of Evercrest, we had a quick stop at the Chapel on the Hill.  We stayed til after the service.  It really seemed like a quaint and solemn place to me.
Batulao morning 
Instead of heading directly back to Olivares, I dragged D to Bag of Beans for some errands.  It has been years since I the last time I was there.  The place looks so much nicer.. cozier.. now.  We felt a bit out of place as the place felt too chic, but who cares! We capped off the morning with brunch.  I had rice and D, pasta.  Both of which were good, but I think we'd both agree that my choice was better than his. hahahaha 
Batulao morning
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