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Battleship - Packs Good Special Effects And A Lame Story

Posted on the 21 September 2012 by Nrjperera @nrjperera
Battleship is the 2012 sci-fi movie made inspired by the Hasbro's classic board game of the same name. It was directed by Peter Berg and gets featured by stars including Taylor Kitsch, Brooklyn Decker, Liam Neeson and Rihanna. Entire movie goes on for 131 minutes and it managed to score a $302,836,260 on box office worldwide, along with a 6.1 rating on IMDB. Battleship went through a lot of critic and negative reviews. Actually it's not that bad at all.
Battleship - Packs Good Special Effects And A Lame StorySpoilers Ahead !!

Story -:

Movie wraps around a group of Navy guys who gets attacked by some aliens ships that tries to build a base on earth to take over the planet. Couple of US Navy ships with a young commander gets trapped with these alien ships and they tries to fight with whatever they have on board to defend themselves on a old-school board game like battlefield. 

First Impressions -:

Battle Los Angeles meets Skyline. Not entirely bad. Story sucks. But special effects are good.
Battleship - Packs Good Special Effects And A Lame Story

Good Stuff -:

Fans of sci-fi movies will probably like this movie because it certainly have pretty amazing special effects and lots of action-packed scenes. Other details of the movie, including the 'Shredder' and the close-quarter alien battles really made me ignore the bad story line and watch it till the end. 

Bad Stuff -: 

Story of the movie is actually pretty lame from the beginning. Pink Panther theme music and the pointless love story proves how bad Jon and Erich Hoeber has been on writing the story. Choosing Taylor Kitsch as the badass was also a pretty big mistake because I think it could have been better with someone else like Chris Hemsworth. 
I was also disappointed to see less of Rihanna since I saw more of her ass and boobs on her music videos. But in this movie you ain't gonna see anything of her. So, don't expect anything hot to happen. Not with her,  or Brooklyn Decker.
Alien suits looked a lot like Master Chief from Halo video game. It only showed the bad imagination and copy-cat skills of the writers. There were also some predictable scenes on the movie like the Transformer styled alien ships falling from the sky and the Top Gun styled football scene, and many more.
Battleship - Packs Good Special Effects And A Lame Story

Summary -:

Overall, Battleship is not really a bad movie to waste a couple of hours. Despite the lameass story and the dumb dialogues, I've enjoyed watching it. Ships firing canons and jumping alien ships really made me stick to the seat until the end. It's not the best movie ever. But hey, it's just a movie. So, stop being damn serious and enjoy the fucking movie.

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