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Bary Bonds One Big Liar

By Mixtapekid45
Barry Bonds in a suit for perjury trial
After more than three years Barry Bonds Perjury trial will start. He is one trial for one charge of obstruction, and four counts of lying to the grand jury where he denied knowingly taking steroids. 
Can someone please tell me here how barry bonds would have not knowingly taken steriods and lyed come on people all the evidence is there. When he was 34 years old  the 1998 season. He gained 15 pounds of muscle which increased him from around 210 pounds to 225.
This is insane conserdining it was in 100 days, and the fact at 34 your body does not produce as much tetsorene like a 21 year old, so it would be rare and almost impossible to see those results without a steriod or HGH. in 2001 bonds came in at 228 gaining some more muscle as well as becoming bigger noticeably. At age 37 he broke the record for hitting the most home runs at 73.
Which is an absurd number for any hitter but at age 37 it makes you wonder a little. while some players are hanging up there cleats Barry is cleaning them off and firing bombs. 
For the next 6 seasons he remained at 228, but as always looking very muscular. Also from the game of shadows in 1998 when bonds was on steroids he went through many of the same things his head grew which is common knowledge it would be hard not to notice it.
With all this evidence and just pictures we will see what happens. It frustrates me maybe not more the fact that Barry took steroids because i almost assumed it but lying. That is a whole other story its very cowardly except that you cheated and receive your punishment. 
Time magazine published some great pictures of bonds from 1986 his rookie year until his last year 2007 its quite interesting you should check it out here is the link bonds body transformation
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***some information used in here was from the game of shadows
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