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Barry Bonds Busted?

By Mixtapekid45
Barry Bonds Suit Day 3
As the third day of the Barry bonds trial continued Bonds childhood friend and former assistant until 2003 testified against him. if you have friends like these who needs enemies. Any ways back to the case Steve Hoskins said. He saw Bonds and Greg Anderson bonds former trainer.
Enter his master bedroom with Anderson bearing a "steriod" needle in his hand. This happed on more than one occasion during spring training in 2000 continuing to spring training in 2003.
What makes it even more interesting is the fact that in 1999 Bonds asked Hoskins to see if he could get some information about a steroid Winstrol he than brought the information back to bonds. For someone who claims he never knowingly did not take steroids questions like this would make me wonder if he was in fact on them.
And as well as Hoskins who helped Barry get his equipment organized in the park. So, he saw first hand evidence of his body changing. He said "his hat size got bigger, his shoe size got bigger, his glove size grew, his body weight changed... he got heavier and bigger".
Well this is interesting because apparently i was not the only one noticing Barry bonds head growing bigger. This is a sign of steroid use as well as a dramatic increase in your muscle mass and over all weight.
This probably also caused Barry hand and head to grow. At age 36 you have diminished testosterone levels so any big increase of muscles and features such as increased head size would suggest a steroid or HGH.
Also what i am confused about is, isn't it possible in this situation Barry could have committed negligence which is defined as."The doing of something which a reasonably prudent person would not do, or the failure to do something which a reasonably prudent person would do under like circumstances".
So in this case a prudent person would have researched the effects of steroids which Barry did. But, a prudent person would have not lied about taking them which it seems he may have done.
Hoskins though is not a saint here. Barry and Hoskins had a memormbirlla business which ended bad, "Bonds accused Hoskins of forging his signature on contracts and lodged complaints with the FBI". So for all we know he could just be looking out to get bonds but, with a testimony like this its very convincing. we will see what happens on day 4
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