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✿ Banish Winter Skin With Johnson's 24 Hour Moisture Lotion ✿

By Sarahhhp @SarahhhP

✿ Banish Winter Skin With Johnson's 24 Hour Moisture Lotion ✿
As the temperatures plummet outside, many of us find that the cold weather can play havoc with our skin and leave it feeling dry and uncomfortable, in need of a little extra care and winter proofing. However, with Johnson’s 24 HourMoisture body lotions, skin can feel soft and moisturised all day long – despite what the weather may have to say!
Strong winds and low humidity levels in the air during winter months can strip the skin of its natural moistures. And whilst turning the central heating up a notch or taking a long hot bath might sound like bliss when you’re feeling chilly, the warmer temperatures pull moisture from the skin and dry it out even more, especially if your skin isn’t prepared.
When skin loses moisture and becomes dry, there is no moisture left to help keep the skin cells together. As a result, the skin cells break apart which leads to flaky and itchy skin that can look unsightly.
To help prevent this from happening, it is essential to moisturise regularly throughout the winter months. The moisturiser acts as a barrier on the skin, preventing the skins natural moistures and oils from escaping, helping to keep your skin feeling soft and hydrated whilst keeping dry skin at bay.
Johnson’s 24 Hour Moisture body lotions are specially formulated to combat and reduce all signs of dry skin and are gentle enough for all skin types. Enriched with nourishing glycerine to help soothyour skin, Johnson’s 24 Hour Moisture body lotion keeps your skin feeling moisturised and hydrated all day long, which means you can relax this winter without the fear of dry skin.✿ Banish Winter Skin With Johnson's 24 Hour Moisture Lotion ✿

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