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Banana Spring Rolls A.k.a. Turon

By Invisiblestilettos
Good day darlings! Today we're going to make another Filipino dessert/snack.  I love how summer makes the two ingredients of this recipe so abundant (and cheap if you're going to buy them) you can literally make them everyday!  We've got banana and jack fruit trees in our small piece of land that always gives us fruit every summer and I always look forward to it because that means when there is banana and jack fruit, we can make our favorite turon!Banana Spring Rolls a.k.a. Turon
For this recipe, you will need:1.  Spring roll wrapper2.  Bananas (saba)3.  Sugar4.  Jack fruit, deseeded.Banana Spring Rolls a.k.a. TuronFirst, get your bananas.  I like my bananas super ripe, sweet but a little sour.  Some prefer their bananas a little bit unripe and firm but they're a bit bland for me.  Peel the bananas then slice them lengthwise.  Get a plate and pour a nice bed of sugar.  Place your bananas on the plate then coat all sides with sugar.Banana Spring Rolls a.k.a. TuronGet a spring roll wrapper.  Place two slices of sugar-coated bananas on one end of the wrapper.  If the sugar does not stick too much on the bananas, especially if they not super ripe, sprinkle a bit more.Banana Spring Rolls a.k.a. TuronNext, place as many jack fruit as you want on top of your bananas.  Not only will it add a nice scent to your turon but they will make it super yummy.  For me, turon is not complete and of course special without the jack fruit. Because we harvested the jack fruit ourselves, we've got plenty of them so we went a bit overboard on the jackfruit ;)Banana Spring Rolls a.k.a. TuronAfter placing the jack fruit, roll the whole thing like a burrito.  You can use water to seal the ends.Banana Spring Rolls a.k.a. Turon
Repeat the steps for all remaining bananas.  It should look like this after you're all done. :)Banana Spring Rolls a.k.a. Turon Now, heat up your pan and place some oil.  It's time to cook!  Fry the turon until all sides are golden brown.Banana Spring Rolls a.k.a. TuronThat easy.  Just drain the excess oil and let it cool.  Eat it while it's too hot and it'll burn your mouth.  I know it's too tempting to eat but, wait, it'll be worth it :)Banana Spring Rolls a.k.a. TuronNow you're turon is all ready to serve.  Enjoy this ultimate summer Pinoy snack.  I love the the crispiness of the wrapper plus the softness and sweetness of the bananas and jack fruit.Banana Spring Rolls a.k.a. TuronDo you love turon?
What's your favorite summer snack/dessert?
Tell me what you think.  Til our next recipe!

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