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Baking Soda Works Wonders to Clean Vomit from Carpet

By Amelia White

Clean Vomit from CarpetMy bedroom carpet had undergone a lot of wear and tear for the last few years. The result was I had to bear a lot of hassles. It is one of my favorite carpets. Once what happened is that it burnt due to hot iron. The hot iron fell accidentally from my daughter’s hand. It is true that I was quite annoyed with her, but I was fortunate enough to come across a specialist who does invisible mending in Perth. I took their help and was happy with their job.

However, when everything was going fine, my daughter suddenly vomited on my favorite carpet. She was actually sick and was having a stomach flu. She wasn’t able to make it to the bathroom. She spewed all over the carpeted floor of my bedroom. It was very chunky and the smell was simply horrible. I didn’t feel like sopping it out of the carpet with towel at 2am in the morning. My son was also sleeping in the same room and he begged me to make the awful smell go away.

I didn’t know what to do. My husband was also out of the station. However, the thing that first came into my mind was baking soda. I used a lot of it. I grabbed a big bag from the pantry and sprinkled it all over the carpeted floor. It was more than enough to bury the puke floor. I also made it a point to put a towel over it in case someone accidentally stepped over it.

And let me admit it now that for the next few days until my husband came I didn’t even try to clean that mess which was under the towel. After two days, when I really thought that I needed to clean it up, I was amazed and shocked to find after I pulled the towel that the baking soda has transformed all the throw-up into odorless, small clumps of powder. The only thing that was left was a stain, which needed scrubbing.

Making use of the vacuum I sucked all the dried clumps up in one mess-free motion. With that out of the way, I sprayed a bit of carpet cleaner on the spot and you won’t believe me the carpet then looked completely new.

So, next time if there is any vomit on the carpet, use plenty of baking soda. It really works wonders.

Baking Soda Works Wonders to Clean Vomit from Carpet

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