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Bakers Rejoice!

By Craftymamablog

For those of you who follow my baking adventures, you’ll be happy to hear that I got a job! I did some digging around and found 3 jobs that had some potential. One was a doctor’s office, at a desk, working with some really nice people. I had 2 interviews there, but was really hoping to land something that was in a bakery. The doctor there was really nice about the situation and told me to go try to land that perfect job and let him know if I do. Lucky for me, later that day I was calling him back to let him know I landed the job!

The second job possibility was at a bakery. There’s 2 women who own the only cupcake/cake shop in town. I talked my brother in law into putting a good word in for me, so I was able to talk to the owners about possibly working there. It turns out the owner was actually looking for a cake decorator. I devoted 2 days to frosting up some dummy cakes to add to my portfolio so she could see my work. But it turns out that I found an even better job. A job that was just an amazing fit for my life right now, doing exactly what I love doing!

Job number 3 was at another bakery. Walking in I was a little disappointed. 70-80% of the case up front was full of donuts. I’ve never made donuts before! I had gone in there a month ago to apply and I gave the owner my card with my portfolio link on it. A month later he e-mailed me and asked me to come in. I went in there yesterday to talk to him, and it turns out he’s looking to start some new inventory! He saw my portfolio and blog and loved my creativity and ambition to try new things. I guess donuts are a real pain to make, and he’s really hoping to cut down how many are in the case and add lots of new products. And that’s where I come in! This job is perfect for me. He basically said that if there’s ever a recipe I want to try, just give him a list of ingredients and the kitchen is all mine! I’m so excited. He is actually encouraging me to go out and try new things at his expense! I’m pretty sure I’m going to do a lot of experimenting at home before I start dragging all sorts of recipes into the shop, but I am SO excited to have this opportunity! I would have been crazy not to accept the job. The hours are flexible, the dress is casual, and I get to do all the baking I want. I get to try new recipes, see what sells, and do all sorts of fun things! The owner is a great guy, so happy and easy going. I don’t know I could have found a better fit, we’re going to get along great! I had no idea that such a perfect job was out there. I couldn’t have asked for more, and I am SO blessed to get this opportunity!

My first venture is bagels. The owner would really like to add some fresh bagels to his shelves, so I’m going to try out a new recipe I found this week! I’m really excited, I already have a few flavor combinations floating around my head. The lucky ladies and gents at my hubby’s work will get to try them out first. And of course you guys will be seeing them soon! I can’t bake something new without posting about it!

I’m excited with the new direction my blog is taking. I looked back on the last 2 and a half years of blogging, and I love seeing how it changes every few months. While I’m pregnant, I post about baking, and some crafting. If I’m dieting, I post all sewing and crafting. We just bought a new house, and I’m already posting about all of our DIY projects, and now with this new job, I’ll be posting all sorts of fun new baked goods!

I love baking, and it has been my life for the last 5 years. I never have enough people to eat it all though (unless I’m sending things in with my hubby or pawning it off on my family) and I never have enough money to make all the fancy things I want to make. I love that I’ve found a job that lets me combine my passion and my work all in one, and it gives me a creative outlet. And I am so entirely lucky to have already found such a great fulfilling job after only a month of looking.

Bakers Rejoice!

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