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Bahamas to Florida

By Saltykisses @svprili



A lot has happened since my last post, it’s been hard to breathe lately with our crazy life. We are back in the States now. I’m in Massachusetts and Carl is (I think) still in Florida. We sailed from Manjack, Bahamas straight to Stuart FL to get our Code Zero sail installed by Mack Sails. We were a little iffy on whether the baby would be safe and happy sailing up to Massachusetts, when the time came so we decided that it was for the best that me, the girls and bub fly north and stay with Carl’s mom while Carl sails Salty north to meet us. Thanks to the lovely ladies on a facebook cruisers page and Behan with Totem we found a couple of great guys to sail north with Carl. As I write this Carl should be heading offshore out of Stuart FL.

So how did we go on our first overnighter with the baby? Ok I guess. Our plan was for Carl to take first watch then when I got up with the baby for a feeding I would take over and give him some sleep. Well the baby had other plans. It was too windy outside to nurse or bottle feed so I hung out in the salon with him. We had already hit the Gulf Stream so the boat was a bit rocky. It must have been the extra movement that confused the baby but I was up for 3 hours with him and couldn’t settle him. Yuck. So by this time Carl had decided to keep watch all the way to sunrise leaving me to get back to bed for an hour before the baby got up AGAIN. We got into Stuart both exhausted. The girls slept through everything and had their war faces on come 6:30am. Let it be known, don’t go to Stuart FL with a deep draft. We had the pick of one marina in which we sat on the bottom (at high tide).

So I’m enjoying long hot showers and cooler weather – maybe a little too cold. And Carl is enjoying showers on an angle and I’m guessing canned baked beans. We hope to see him around Wednesday night at Plymouth MA.



I entertained the girls with a message in a spice jar project. Pri decided it would break her heart to toss her fairy picture overboard so it got taken out and taped to a wall. Wags got the honors to throw the message overboard. We hope it finds a home and someday we hear back from it.


Above; What a nightmare!!! We never thought we’d have 3 kids. Make sure you always have a credit card when renting a car or they will only give you the cheapest smallest car available. I don’t know how we fit 3 car seats in, what a squeeze. The girls haven’t been in car seats for about 9 months and weren’t too happy about it. The babe did really well but also wasn’t impressed with the constraints.

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