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Bad Wedding Guests, Theres Always One.

By Tootie2208

Every bride cringes at the idea of  having  unruly guests at their wedding,  but the real truth is some guests behavior can be bad, well before the marriage takes place. Now your wondering how can this be?   Some guests biggest “bad”they do before the wedding is not replying to your invite on time. So you need to be aware of this and by sending your invites early with a rsvp date two weeks before your wedding, can help but you will find yourself still doing the phone reminder. If you have no reply by the time your final catering numbers are due, you may delete them from your list.

The next big bad your guest might do is, decide to bring a mate or two instead of a date. They may think it is ok, but it clearly is not ok, your catered down to the last seat, and one extra is one too many. Avoiding this is easy.  Make sure when you invite a single guest and a partner, that on their acceptance insist on a name for your place settings. You will see if they want to bring someone who is unacceptable to you, so nip it in the bud and say no.

Another area where I consider to be a bad wedding guest behavior is their attire. There are a few people that do not dress to the invite request, and  there is not much you can do about that if they are at least clean and tidy. Just remember tit is them who are out of place.

The final and by far the worst is;  Altercations at your reception between guests.   This can be a situation no bride or groom wants, but unfortunately it can happen. There are several things that can be done to stop any incidents before they turn bad.

First off, make your head groomsman aware of the situation, he then can go and try and distract the guests from whatever their argument was about and if this does not settle them, let them know that its not the place, as its the bride and grooms night. Most times this will work, but if it does not then there is no other choice than to have them removed from the celebration.

Sometimes there will be ex partners there which can be awkward and at times the brides maid might need to be the one doing the speaking to a woman.

More often than not weddings do run smooth and without incidence but if you are aware of what might go wrong at least you can have it rectified before your guest goes bad.


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