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Back To School!

Posted on the 11 October 2015 by Gumptionent @gumptionent
Back To School!   
     Hey everyone!  Tony here.  And I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm back in school!  Now I know text can be taken out of context, but I am actually more nervous than excited about this whole matter.  I've been in and out of school, or should I say college, a few times now.  It seemed that I was just going to college because that's what everyone else was doing in order to get a good job.  Since I got back from my last deployment, I was working a couple jobs and learning about real estate investing online with Renatus.  It wasn't until last month when Troy realized he is too busy to train me and the best way for me to work with him is to go to the same college he went to, for the same degree.
So here I am, going for my bachelor's degree in business entertainment at Full Sail University.  Like I mentioned before, I've been in college a few times now.  I feel kind of ashamed to admit it, but I am going to share some of my mistakes and what I've learned with you in hope maybe someone who is struggling in school doesn't make the same mistakes I made in the past.  I thought I was being wise when I was going to school for business administration.  I thought I was going to get a steady, secure job that I was going to like.  It wasn't until I started taking classes that I realized this is not what I want to do for the rest of my life.  So I slacked off, and unfortunately my grades showed for it.  I wasn't trying that hard because I wasn't passionate about what I was learning.  Finally, only being two weeks in, I am getting an education in something I am passionate about!  I think what helped me this time is that I have been dabbling a bit in the field I am studying and I am now learning things I have much interest in.
One large key to the future of my success is living where I want to live.  That's why I just recently moved down to Winter Park, Florida.  It's funny that I'm living in a city with the word "winter" in it because that is the main reason why I moved down from Wisconsin.  No more cold winters!  My good friend Jon happened to be living where I was moving to, and I am currently staying with him until I get my own place.  I ran into Jon about 8 years ago when we were both going to UW Oshkosh.  He was getting a degree in science, and that was his passion.  Jon is now going to University of Central Florida for his doctorate degree to become a professor.  I couldn't believe it when he told me this, but I do remember Jon always studying and working hard so I'm glad all that hard work paid off.
During our dinner I was able to ask Jon a few questions about his views on getting an education and what motivates him to keep pushing further.
Jon says that education is sitting in a classroom.  That's the way America wants us to think.  Luckily for Jon, it fits his personality style, but for for others (me), it doesn't.  Jon admits that sometimes he gets frustrated but he's very good at hiding it.  He gets frustrated the most when he's learning something that he doesn't think he's going to apply to his life.  He says that it feels like he's trending water in an ocean and the waves are swooshing him around in all sorts of different ways.
Now even though Jon is going for his doctorate, he is moved back down as a freshman.  Even though he thinks he's smart because he has that status, he has a lot to learn yet.  There's a lot of depressed students and even suicides because the work can get so overwhelming.
I asked Jon why he chose the path he is on, being it so challenging.  Jon said that if he didn't have a divine calling, he would not be doing it.  Jon reads the Bible, and he read about this man in the Bible that studied reptiles and amphibians.  Jon admired this man and that sparked his passion.  Jon prayed to God and asked for like-minded people to surround himself with.  Now Jon is surrounded by Christians, professors, and fellow faculty and students that he shares the same vision with.  That's what motivates him.            
I was intrigued by Jon's success story, and it helped me apply it to the situation I am in.  No matter what your beliefs are, I think we can all agree that Jon attracted what he wanted because he had a clear vision, and he asked for it.  I call this the Law of Attraction.  Now Jon and I have the same religious views (we grew up in the same church), but I also believe in freedom of religion.  Think about what you want and write it out on a piece of paper.  Picture yourself hanging out with the people you want to be around.  This may sound mean for me to say, and I apologize in advance, but take a look at the people you are with the most right now.  Are they helping you or hindering you reach your goals?
I believe it takes hard work and dedication in oneself, but surrounding yourself with people that want to watch you succeed is also going to help you along your way.  Choose something, anything you are passionate about and go for it.  I don't care if it sounds impossible, you will never know until you try. Now one thing I learned from Bob Snyder at our Renatus national convention is to not quit your day job until you are making twice as much in your "dream" job.  Be realistic about it and set goals.  This can take you years, or even decades.  What matters the most is that you are following your passion, and to me that is worth more than money.
So how long is this going to take me?  Getting a bachelors degree in business entertainment?  Three years.  And to me, that is a realistic, yet fulfilling goal.  This is my third time attending a university, and I finally can say I am going to school for something I am passionate about.  So start researching what you are interested in (I use Google) and find out what you need to do reach your goal.
Never give up!
Back To School!
  The views expressed in this blog are those of Tony Kasmiski and do not necessarily reflect the views of Gumption Entertainment.

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