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Back Problems Continue……

By Stodge @stodgeblog

Well my back has reached a watershed :-(

Even though my back pain has gone I’ve been struggling for the last week with Sciatica type pain in my right hip and sometimes right down to my ankle. Tonight I’ve come down to Somerset for a hastily arranged Physio appointment and Ivor has started talking about other causations for my ‘hyper mobile’ lower back. My core stability is much improved but still I am having problems, my SI joint jumping out even if I sneeze!  We’ve discussed various possibilities most of which I cant pronounce let alone spell!

So its weeks more treatment to see if it settles down or get a scan and find out what is really going on and consider what other treatment options might be on the table as I’ve been off the bike for the best part of 3 months already all told.

Not one to mess about, tomorrow I am hoping to be booked in to the BrainWave, near Bridgwater,to have an MRI scan of my lower back.

Got to pay for it but an easy decision, – new rear wheel or an MRI scan…..

New wheel not much good if I cant ride a MTB……

Ill try and get some downloads of the scan onto a memory stick for those of you who can read the things!


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