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Back on the Bike!

By Stodge @stodgeblog

Well I hadn’t ridden a bike properly for 2 months until yesterday, just the odd easy turbo session to keep the legs ticking over. The Physio gave the OK for gentle road riding this week so I have been out twice, once for 40 mins and once for 70! I’ve been using the new Max light Pro3 mountain bike to give an extra bit of comfort to my back and to bed it in.

It was great to get back out and enjoy the autumnal landscapes as I suspect with today’s winds there won’t be too many leaves left by tomorrow. There don’t seem to be any repercussions from the rides so the plan now is to slowly up the ride lengths over the next two weeks but not get too carried away with effort and certainly no mountain biking to cause any jarring impacts through my lower back.

2 months is a long time without any training, even for an extended winter break. I’ve only put on about 1-2 kgs in weight which should fall off fairly quickly when I get back to it. The main problem will be finding the 6-9 hours a week needed for training again as I seem to have filled this time with other stuff !

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