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B is for Believe.

By Misslara16 @misslara
   If the sun doesn't shine in the morning, and the rain refuses to fall in its season just know God is committed to keeping you living all you need is keep believing.
   I notice that a lot of people are in the position these days where they need a cheer leader, someone to make them feel that their worst days are over, well, you are in luck, and here I am. Your prayers are answered. I am here basically to tell you that your worst days are over, believe me you have been here for so long and your mountains seem so high you don't understand, hey the struggle is over.
if you look ahead, you will see the sun just right at the end of the horizon, its about to pour some sunlight into your life and the rainy clouds are gone for good.
   Recently, I have been doing bible character study for a while now and it turns out last week I studied the life of Joseph with a few friends, they all saw different things that were amazing about Joseph but I saw something new, something different. We all know Joseph in the bible as this character who was going to be greater than his brothers, he dreamt about on several occasions, well that him got sold almost killed and he went his way to prison and then finally to the palace. Ok. What I basically got from the life of Joseph, after studying the book of Genesis chapters 39 to 42. I came up with the fact that there is no situation to deep, dark that one cannot come out from all one has to do is keep believing the dream and trust the source(God).
   Let's look at a few things, Joseph was a privileged child, he had everything he wanted because his father loved him above his brothers, he had a dream literarily he was going to be great, in fact greater that all his brothers and parents and he was aware that he was a special person. His brothers out of their insecurities sold him to slavery after contemplating killing him and at this point, his life took a drastic turn he went from being the dude with a coat of many colours to the one with just one ugly coast who had to serve his masters.... the bible recorded that God was with him, he gave his slavery job his best and Portiphar noticed he was a blessed man and trusted him with everything. He then had the situation with Portiphar's wife and then was jailed as an innocent man, all that was on josephs mind was God, he didn't want to offend God, I will quickly mention that your life is important to two people primarily, God and you. Many people are unhappy today because they try to seek the approval of men and then they end up not living up to expectation, get judged and then they start to feel unworthy. If God says you are worthy there is no other opinion that counts.
   Moving on, Joseph was in prison innocent and with a special ability, yet he remained humble he did not feel sorry for himself and wish he had slept with his masters wife neither was he of a proud countenance owing to his special abilities but he made friends and was helpful to his fellow inmates.
   His journey from the floor to the throne did not happen magically, it was a process you know what he did during that process he kept on believing. He had his eyes on the price and knew better than to waver. He remained humble and kind even in the lowest times in his life. he spent his whole life building up to his moment of manifestation, he started to dream as a child, he proved himself honest and accountable as Portiphar's servant, he proved himself loyal to God when he had to choose between 'doing' his masters wife or remain whole for God, he proved he was meek and patient with his friends in prison and he practiced his skill of interpreting dreams in prison while providing clarity for those who needed it, His life was just all a big process leading to his day of manifestation and when the day came he could live up to expectation, he impressed pharaoh and he was made prime minster. Impressing pharaoh was not just a function of his dreams, it was bigger than that it was his preparation, character and lessons learned that helped in shaping his meeting with pharaoh. Talent is not enough.
   Right now, I don't know what your situation is or which level of your life's process you are in, the slavery stage, prison stage, temptation stage or the trying stage, all I know is that its all a big process leading to your beautiful days... your days of plenty and harvest. All you have to do is stick to it, believe, believe in your dreams, believe in your source and believe in better days. A man without conviction is but a shallow man, it takes conviction to believe beyond all reasonable doubts that your beautiful day of harvest is going to come either the world likes it or not, keeping your head high in the days of adversary and trusting that everything is going to be just fine. Live everyday of your life building up to that moment... whatever your moment is, its going to come.
We learn from other people experiences right? This is an amazing person to learn from. We rise always...

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