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Awareness & Receiving.

By Jenrene

It helps to live in this life, being self aware.

When you're self aware, no one can tell you what you're vulnerable to. You are aware of it, and sometimes you tend to perceive that vulnerability as a strength.

For instance, I'm vulnerable to the fact that I am a sensitive person. I am one who doesn't like people to take advantage of my emotions. Yet I've had this happen so many times. Yet in the instances where I've chosen to be vulnerable and self aware and the same time, I tend to be okay with being that way. I mean I walk into it and risk that my being vulnerable might be a risk, yet a good one.

Sometimes I'm even willing to be that vulnerable. I don't care. I want to be risky. So sometimes the excitement not being risky is more exciting than risking my heart.

Why am I talking about this?

Well become how we perceive things to be, and walk into a situation self-aware we are better able to calculate our responses. If we go in setting our intentions, we are more likely to "bear up" against the outcomes and tell ourselves: "so you know what can happen right?" And "Are you willing to take that risk?" I even ask myself sometimes: "So where's your heart right now And is this something worth enduring right now?" And of I know I'm not ready, then the risk isn't worth it.

Awareness  &  Receiving.

I step back. I think about what I should say. I don't really care if people care about what I say, or how they'll respond. It's all about intention. Where I want to be in terms of my own personal self- transparency, and personal dignity, as well. You know, what helps me to feel good about myself in the long run.

Sometimes that's the risk of being impulsive . You don't think about yourself, and your dignity. and definitely don't think about anyone else. Or those whom else might have consequence because of your actions. I guess that's what they call "adulting", these days. I don't mind adulting. I just need to be able to consider the risks. o me, that's what makes life worth living. You realize there were times when you had to live on the edge, and times when it was completely best not to.

And you learn from the times you did.

Self - awareness has given me discretion and hope. Peace within, and a self-resolve. It just helps to know what to expect from yourself. Makes you feel more mature. So I will continue to work on this part of myself.

This is me being aware.

This is me receiving.

This is me "taking possession" of myself.

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