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Autumn Light--Cheap Or Rich?

By Vickilane

Autumn Light--Cheap or Rich?

A commenter on one of my recent posts of photos from around here said she'd always disliked autumn light, calling it 'cheap light' because it isn't as direct and full on as summer light. 

True enough. Summer light is hard-edged and clear while autumn light is mellow and a little blurred around the edges. Kind of like the difference between young people and elders.


Autumn Light--Cheap or Rich?

But I've always loved the golden haze of autumn. To me it's a magical, liminal time--not straightforward like summer. I see the air as rich and heavy with memories of the past spring and summer, waiting to be wiped clean by winter.

And that's maybe another parallel with people.


Autumn Light--Cheap or Rich?

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