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Autumn Advertising

By Sarahhhp @SarahhhP

Autumn Advertising
If you follow me on Twitter (@SarahhhP) you'll have seen that I've made the decision to start offering advertising spots on Ample Curvature as of November 1st. 
For detailed information about what I'm offering you can email me at [email protected]. Though  without going into too much detail, for £5 a month you can have an advert/button for your blog/business displayed, then for an extra £5 (so £10 altogether) you can also have a personalised blog post published, introducing your business/blog to the Ample Curvature readers :)
I have also recently updated my "Contact" page with information regarding the PR/Advertising services available and so if you'd like to head over there, you'll find more of what you need to know.
Since starting Ample Curvature back in May, my little blog has become my baby and my aim now is to try to continue to provide up to date product reviews, giveaways, tit bits and snippets from the everyday events in life. Therefore any proceeds gained from advertising will of course be ploughed back into expanding and improving the quality of Ample Curvature.
Like I say, please feel free to get in touch with any further questions via email, Twitter (@SarahhhP) or just leave a comment on this post and I'll do my best to cater to whatever it is you're looking for :)
P.S. Hope you all enjoyed my little Autumn inspired pic in this post?! I actually instagrammed it (follow me at SarahhhhP) whilst on my walk home yesterday. The leaves were falling from the trees and the colours looked so beautiful that I just couldn't resist!
TTFN anyway!Autumn Advertising

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