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Australia Day

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Australia DayIt's no secret that the 26th of January is Australia Day; a day of contemplation, celebration and leisure.  It's a day when we commemorate our unity, celebrate our sense of identity, recognize our history, and consider our future.  For many, it's a day to worship the great outdoors.
For as long as I've been with Happy Husband, Australia Day has also been a day on water.  Today is different.  It's raining cats and dogs, bats and frogs, and any other animal you can think of.  Oh well.
I've attached a photo from a previous boating trip where Mimi's steering and Lotti's lounging.  I love the lollipop and milk bottle... they look like "true blue yobbos" as we say 'down under.'
Happy Australian Day everyone.

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