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Aura Vedic Kumkumadi Oil for Face & Body

By Megha Saundaryasansar @saundaryasansar

Aura Vedic Kumkumadi Oil Review

Aura Vedic Kumkumadi Oil for Face & Body

Facial is probably one of the most popular skin treatments in Beauty Salons and has become an integral part of beauty Regime. Although I have not been to Facials frequently, reason being I was not sure if this would treat or aggravate my skin problems. Their Sooo enormously creamy massages and heavy scrubs were actually led me withdrew everytime. But recently while I was introduced to Oils and Aroma Therapy with Essential Oils, I found that Facial Oils are one of the best ways not only to clean but rejuvenate the skin. Initially I was only sticking to my DIY Face Oils for Cleansing and Massage. But recently gave a try to one of my most trusted Ayurvedic Brands- AURA VEDICI have been using their Oils, masks, gels etc but was dying to try their Kumkumadi Oil. So here is my review of Aura Vedic Kumkumadi Oil. Price- 250 INR for 100ml. Availability- available on all online stores.  I bought this one from Amazon. Claims, Usage and Ingredients- 

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