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Anti Acne Gel: Tvakh Vs Biotique

By Megha Saundaryasansar @saundaryasansar
The most annoying thing for a skin freak like me....Acne. I guess this is probably a never ending search where I may not be able to find a complete cure to my deadly cystic acne and these adult acne a pain.But what i have observed so far is that natural, organic and chemical free treatments works..although a gradual process which takes its own time but it does. With the new organic natural brands blooming in India, have got ample of chances to try. So today its not just a brand but a specific concern- yes its Acne. This word ' Acne ' & 'Gel' grabs my attention everytime i am looking for my skincare stuff. So in a shopping frenzy, I got to grab two of such products but from different brands- 1. Biotique Bio Chlorophyll oil free anti acne gel (199 for 50 gms)2. Tvakh Magnolia and Chaulmogra oil free anti acne gel(585 for 30 gms)
Anti Acne Gel: Tvakh Vs Biotique
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