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Attributes Your Boss Will Notice

By Allthingssixx @allthingssixx
Impression is all about getting it right, on the outside first, moving in, bit by bit. 
Joining a new employer, moving to a new team, or getting a new senior(read boss) in the same old team are some of the events which will land you in a situation when you will be under scrutiny, for some days at-least, to start with. The impression you will leave will remain so for the rest of your relationship, and it is always better to leave a correct one. After all, work is our 50% of life.
  • Dress Smart, and for Work - While most companies boast of business casuals, the term has been abused and beaten badly by most employees. Even a Friday cannot justify wearing slogan t-shirts to office or dangling earrings, which are best reserved for weekends. Dress smart, formally. The best way to do so is to assume your client could surprise you today with a sudden meeting.
  • Confident Gait - You cannot choose your body, but you can choose your posture. People who stand and sit straight, and have a brisk, confident walk are viewed as sharper resources by one and all. When in office, stand straight (like you would in the the sports day drill at School) and walk briskly.
  • Climate creator, and of which type - Now no one is going to say this in your face but every person brings in a certain energy to the team. You could be charming, friendly, unapproachable or that constant cribber. Even before you know it, your boss will note this about you. And (as we all know), being in the best books is the safest option.
  • Response time to a query or task - When given a query or a task, what is your response time to follow up or finish on the assigned work. Do you postpone work for a coffee break? Or is it the other way round? The latter is my style, how about yours?
  • Attitude towards sudden or unexpected Work - There will be times when some bit or may be a lot of unexpected work will come your way. Do you see it as a fresh change from the daily scenery or do you crib about it to everyone you meet till calling it a day? Former may get you some brownie points in your appraisal. The latter would only malign your reputation. Why? Refer to Point#3.
  • Time Discipline  - Many organizations now adhere to flexible work culture, in reality, it is never so. Sticking to some time discipline will give out an image of you being a dependable employee, and let others know of when to count you in.

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