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DIY - Charging Dock

By Allthingssixx @allthingssixx
I have been pretty nerved about the state of affairs in my room lately. The variety of charging wires has become very diverse (Apple definitely had added two cents to my frustration with their new lightening charger) and I am all the time plugging and unplugging something up. It's either the iPhone or the iPad, not to mention my office laptop. I, (to be read with a hint of sarcasm) <3 my life. After going through some quick links, I realized that there is no pocket friendly out of the box solution to de-clutter this web of wires from my room. Here is what I did -
    DIY - Charging Dock
  • Found a good looking and strong shoe box. 
  • Cut up a big hole (a square hole is easier to make ) along one of its lengthy Sides. Big enough to let the three pin of your extension cable pass through.
  • On the untouched lengthy side, make five equidistant slits starting from the top edge. The slit should be two mm wide, and you can secure it using cello tape, do that the cut up edge is laminated and smooth. 
  • Place an extensible cord inside the box, the long kind you have instead of the round variety so that it can sit inside the box. Placed all the chargers in available plugs.
  • Then three pin, let that pass through the bigger hole. The individual chargers can be made to pad through the slits 
  • Your covered, uncluttered charging dock in all set.

This works best if you have dedicated device chargers at home, which you do not carry to your car or work.

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