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At This Stage In My Life…

By Sofia Essen @GetYourUnique

At this stage in my life, if it doesn’t make me happy, make me better, or make me money, I don’t make time for it.

I recently stumbled across the words above on the internet. And, I have to say, I completely agree with the sentiment in the statement. It makes sense to me.

If you think it sounds selfish or if you’re turning your nose up at the insinuation that money makes you happy, hold on a minute and allow me to elaborate.

Make Time for Happy

Doing things that make you happy is a gift to yourself and others. I’m serious. Gloomy people are no fun to be around. Now I’m not saying you should be jumping up and down all day, shaking your pompoms like a cheerleader. What I’m saying is that you should try to take just fifteen minutes out of your day to do something special for yourself. It doesn’t have to be something extravagant or elaborate. Good things really can come in small and inexpensive packages. You can spend your “Fifteen-Minute Me Session” listening to songs that lift your mood, indulging in your favorite hot beverage, or calling your best friend for a catch-up chat. And remember to be aware and present in the moment, whatever you’re doing, be conscious of and grateful for the “Fifteen-Minute Me Session”.

Make Time for Better

Doing things that make you better is really a no-brainer. These things don’t have to be super time consuming or ultra-expensive either. There are many things you can do to make yourself better. Keeping or getting physically fit is something that makes you feel better. Sure, if you’re out of shape, getting back into it can feel like a never-ending uphill battle. But you can start small by taking a thirty-minute walk every day. If your schedule is packed, do two fifteen-minute sessions. Flexing your mental muscle is another way of bettering yourself. What subject have you always been interested in? Sit down and research it online. Alternatively, you could enroll in some classes. Take cooking lessons, a creative writing course, or sign up for pottery classes. Whatever you choose, it should be something that interests you. Don’t let fear of what other people might think of your new “hobby” deter you from pursuing it.

Make Time for Money

Money makes the world go round. Like it or not, that’s how it is. That’s why you go to work every morning and slog through the 9 to 5. Well, that’s the reality for millions of people across the globe. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to honestly say they love their job. No matter how you feel about your job, unless you’ve won the lottery or already made enough money to live happily ever after, you have no choice but to devote time to making money.

People like to say that money can’t buy you happiness. I have to disagree. Yes, I’m taking an unpopular stand and saying without shame that money does make me happy. Allow me to explain my position before you crucify me…

I’m not materialistic. I don’t place much value on possessions. I’m a minimalist at heart For example: I have a “capsule wardrobe” which fits into a fairly small gym bag. The décor of my home can best be described as Spartan. There is no piece of furniture that doesn’t serve a purpose. If I don’t use something, I get rid of it. You won’t find a single throw cushion on my bed. And my walls are blank, white canvases. Okay, I’ll admit it, my home is a study in Extreme Spartanism. I don’t believe this is an official style yet. I could be starting a trend here. Who knows? But I’ve digressed.

Back to my original point – even though I’m not materialistic, money makes me happy. Why? Money makes me happy because it buys peace of mind, the kind of peace of mind that comes with knowing that I can pay for what I need. Notice that I say need and not want here. I need things such as a roof overhead, food in my belly, and (because I’m not a nudist) clothes on my back. Also, in life, sometimes, as Mr. Gump said, “Shit happens.” If an accident occurs or, God forbid, something should happen to one of my loved ones, I need the peace of mind that comes from knowing a hospital bill can be paid.

So yes, at this stage in my life, if it doesn’t make me happy, make me better, or make me money, I don’t make time for it.

My famous last words for this weekend:

Money makes me happy. And when I’m happy, I’m a better person.

That’s all for now. Have a great weekend!

At This Stage In My Life…

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