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At Least It Was Better Than Last Week

By Brisdon @shutuprun

I am convinced that the month of January exists to test me mentally, physically and emotionally. There is one word to describe my mood this past week and it is a very sophisticated word that starts with a b and ends with an h. Not, it’s not “bitch” and it’s not “bush.” It’s BLAH.

Anyone else feel blah? Please tell me it’s not just me.

Last week’s 15 mile long run was brought to you by freezing cold temps and snow packed conditions.  Today’s long run was sponsored by that f&cker we call wind (tips for running in the wind HERE)

Actually the run ended up being okay after all. I did 10 miles at my long run pace and the last 5 at marathon pace. When the wind got really obnoxious I kept telling myself it was making me stronger. Then I would tell myself to shut up, that’s just annoying. Then I would tell myself I know it’s annoying but it’s true. And, this is how I passed the time.

Post run, Heidi and I had a moment. Does anyone else’s dog like to lick the sweat off of them after a run? I think Heidi must have a sodium deficiency.


When you burn 1,318 calories, you need to start replenishing with a few eggs. Don’t worry. I am not a runny egg freak. This is pre-flip.


And, because I love you, here are some ways to beat the January blues:

  • Watch “We’re the Millers” because you will laugh (the spider/nut scene is my favorite)
  • Get outside and run even if the conditions suck. Something about fresh air makes you a better person.
  • Stop thinking about yourself and how you feel. Focus on someone else who might need your help and/or attention.
  • Paint a room. I just did our guest room. I liked seeing a result. It made me feel productive.
  • Don’t isolate. Force yourself to ask a friend for coffee or a run.
  • Plan a Spring Break vacation if you can afford it. If you can’t, I’m sorry. I’m not sure I can either.
  • Let yourself hibernate a bit. It’s okay. Don’t judge yourself for being a bit more tired and a bit less motivated. Trust that when the warmer months roll around, you’ll bounce back. Bears do (fun fact: a bear’s normal resting heart rate is 55 bpm. During hibernation, it’s 10 bpm).
  • Wine.

Do you ever get the blahs this time of year? What’s your solution?


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