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  • Did You Know: Earth Used to Have Two Moons

    Know: Earth Used Have Moons

    When I see planets with two suns and moons in sci-fi movies, I used to wonder how it would really look like if we have two suns or moons  around the Earth. Read more

    The 10 July 2013 by   Nrjperera
  • Meet Styx and Kerberos, Pluto’s New Moons

    Meet Styx Kerberos, Pluto’s Moons

    Pluto may be heartbroken over the mockery – “not-a-planet! ha-ha!” – since 2006 but the little guy recently gained new members for its own entourage. Read more

    The 03 July 2013 by   Ningauble
  • Science, Money, and Derring Do

    Science, Money, Derring

    Lots of readers for NAM and the Knife Edge, but only one comment. Maybe its a summer thing. The other Professor L expressed his surprise that I didn’t get... Read more

    The 11 July 2013 by   Andyxl
  • NAM and the Knife Edge

    Knife Edge

    Had a jolly few days at NAM2013, the annual UK astronomy jamboree. I gave two talks, a contributed talk and a plenary. This was hard work. Stress City. Read more

    The 05 July 2013 by   Andyxl
  • UKIRT Extension

    UKIRT fans will be pleased to see the announcement hereAs UK astronomers will know, UKIRT was slated for closure in September this year, but STFC invited... Read more

    The 29 July 2013 by   Andyxl
  • Could This Be a UFO Or Just a Cloud Acting Weird?

    Could This Just Cloud Acting Weird?

    As a big fan of UFOs, paranormal activities and extraterrestrial life I’m always looking out to find anything that could prove the world that we are not alone i... Read more

    The 12 July 2013 by   Nrjperera

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