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Astrology of the Day - Wednesday 8th November 2017

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Astrology of the Day - Wednesday 8th November 2017

The Moon remains in the sign of Cancer for the whole of this day. This is her home sign and our priorities lie around home, family and matters that affect us from the past. More than anything we will want to feel secure and safe, and we will strive to achieve this through being pro-active and protective of what we have and hold. This position can lead to mood swings too, especially if we feel that we are on less than safe ground.

The Moon's first planetary contact today is a tetchy square to Mars in Libra and almost at the same time it makes an inconjunct to Neptune. This double hit will stir up those unstable lunar emotions and we may snap at people if they are unfair to us, not even handed or if they mislead us in any manner. Anyone who doesn't pull their weight or makes things difficult may also incur our displeasure.

Into the afternoon and the Moon forms an easy trine to the Sun but as it does this it opposes Pluto. At this moment there is a challenge in the air, and we may feel like a little pawn on a chessboard attacked by bigger much more powerful pieces. The paradox is that even a small pawn can eventually turn into a powerful Queen if it makes the right moves at the right times.

So yes, with the Sun and Moon in harmony we can have control of our emotions and actions, and yes they are in sync, but they will have to be, as we are confronted by the truth of a situation, and it may not be the easiest truth to deal with either. If you are forced into taking action or making a decision or a move, do you delay or take the bull by the horns? That's your call, but isn't it best to get something out into the open so that you allow a change to take place rather than letting something fester and potentially turn into an even bigger issue further along the line? Your judgement is now definitely going to be called into question.

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